CU Policy on Incompletes:

In 2005 the University of Colorado instituted a new policy on incompletes. Undergraduate students (you) may only be 
granted an incomplete (IF) if you have completed a substantial amount of the work in the course, you have an unavoidable 
reason that has come up towards the end of the semester preventing you from finishing the work in the course, and you 
agree with the professor (me) on the time frame within which the work will be completed (you have up to a year, but they 
like to see it sooner, if possible).

You must then fill out an incomplete form with me and BOTH of us must sign it. That means that you cannot email or call 
me towards the end of the semester and request an incomplete, since we both must sign the form.

These forms will be scrutinized by academic deans above me, and if it looks like I am trying to slip through an incomplete 
form merely because you're got a weak grade in the class or didn't plan your time well enough to take into account a 
problem that you have known about for a while, I'm going to get in trouble and your incomplete will not get approved. 
Sorry about that. But they've gotten stricter, and I've already gotten called on the carpet for this.

I hope that this makes the new policy clear.