Chapter 12: Child Abuse Reporting, Besharov & Laumann

3 Factors That Influence Child Abuse Reporting

1. Mandatory Reporting Laws

2. Public Awareness Campaigns

3. Changing Definitions of Child Abuse


2 Problems with  Child Abuse Reporting

1. Unreported Cases:

2. Unsubstantiated Reports:

2 Reasons for Unsubstantiation

            a. Unfounded:

            b. Unprovable:


Chapter 13: Survey of Sexual Behavior of Americans, Laumann et al.

Modes of Administration

1. Face to Face:



2. Telephone:



3. Self-administered:




Independent Concepts:

Probability Sampling

Sample Size


Response Rate


Interviewer Training

Interview Language


Chapter 14: Researching Dealers and Smugglers, Adler

5 Elements of Drug Dealing Research

1. Getting In

2. The Covert Role

3. Developing Trust

4. Overt Role

5. Cross-Checking

3 Ways to Cross-Check

A.    Test information against common sense and general knowledge of the scene.

B.     Check information against a variety of reliable sources.

C.    Check out accounts against hard facts.

Problems and Issues in Conducting Drug Dealing Research

1. The Effect of Drugs on the data-gathering process

2. Assuming risks while doing research

3. The cultural clash

4. Ethical problems