Chapter 29: Pete Simi and Robert Futrell

Responses to Conformity Pressures from Family Members and Friends

1. Leading a Double Life

2. Strategic Silence

3. Selective Disclosure


Managing at Work and School:

1. Avoiding Others

2. False Fronts

3. Strategic Silence


Active and Passive Displays in Public:

1. Passive Displays

2. Active Displays

3. Public Legitimation


Chapter 30: Fitting in and Fighting Back: Homeless Kidsí Stigma; Roschelle and Kaufman

Three Strategies of Inclusion

1. Forging Friendships

2. Passing

3. Covering


Three Strategies of Exclusion

1. Verbal Denigration

2. Physical Posturing

3. Sexual Posturing


Chapter 31: Collective Stigma Management and Shame; Martin

Three Organizational Frames:

1. Rationality: Weight Watchers

2. Redemption: Overeaters Anonymous

3. Activism: NAAFA