Chapter 32: Drug Use and Disordered Eating Among College Women, Katherine Anne Sirles

Four types of instrumental drug users:

1. Conventional Over-Conformists

2. Scroungers

3. Journeyers

4. Opportunists


Five Problems of Instrumental Drug Use Loner Deviance:

1. Secrecy

2. Social Isolation

3. Practical Hurdles

4. Health Consequences

5. Financing Drug Use:


Chapter 33: Cyber Communities of Self-Injury, Patricia A. Adler and Peter Adler

Four Membership Characteristics of Cyber Communities

1. Finding a Community

2. Nature of the Community

3. Identification with the Community

4.  Oscillating In and Out of Communities


Chapter 37: State-Corporate Crime in the Offshore Oil Industry: The Deepwater Horizon Spill, Elizabeth A. Bradshaw

White-Collar Crime

State-Corporate Crime:

state-facilitated corporate crime

state-initiated corporate crime


An Integrated Theoretical Model of State-Corporate Crime: Three Levels of Analysis

1. Interactional level: motivation

2. Organizational level: opportunity

3. Institutional level: social control


The Normalization of Deviance


The Regulation of Deep Water Drilling in the OCS

Pursuing Revenue over Regulation

Four reasons for Diminished Government Oversight



How do the three levels of analysis play out in this situation?