Chapter 45. Primp-Controlled Prostitution; Williamson & Cluse-Tolar

Six Features of Pimp-Controlled Prostitution

1. Rules of the Pimping Game

a. A pimp must get paid

b. The game is sold, not told

c. Support the pimp

d. Stratification hierarchy of pimps

2. Turing a Woman Out

the dual game

3. Free Enterprise and Choosing Up

the rules

bros before hos

4. Pimp and Prostitute Relationships in the Game

5. Pimp-Related Violence: Physical and Emotional Control of Women

6. Leaving Pimp-Controlled Prostitution


Ch. 46: Shifts and Oscillations in Deviant Careers; Adler and Adler

Four Shifts and Oscillations:

1. Aging in the career

2. Phasing Out

            -Three Factors Inhibiting Leaving

            1. Hedonism and materialism

2. Commitment to the occupation

3. Difficulty finding another way to earn a living

-Four Patterns of Quitting

            1. One last “big deal”

            2. Planned to change yet don’t

3. Never replace trafficking with anything else

4. Try to move into another line of work

3. Re-entry

1. Comeback

2. Relapse

4. Career shifts

1. Lateral

2. Vertical

3. Straddling


Chapter 47: Obstacles to Exiting Emotional Disorder Identities ; Jenna Howard



Existential Obstacles

1. Letting go of a Marked Identity

2. Limiting Consequences of the Disorder Identity

3. Identity Void

4. Feeling Unsettled


Interactional Obstacles

(note the typo in the book)

1. Deserter Complex

2. Reverse Stigmatization


Cultural Obstacles

1. Conflation of Professional and Popular Cultures

2. Domination by Psycho-Medical Industrial Complex