Grading Appeals Process

We hand back the exams in the lecture on Tuesday, two weeks after the exam is given. You should take home your exam 
and look it over, make sure that it is added correctly and such. If you are not happy with your grade, here are the steps of 
recourse that you can follow.

1. You have to go to your lab to listen to the TA and ATA discuss how each question was graded and raise your first 
appeals there. Perhaps you will understand better, and no further discussion will be necessary.

2. If you are not happy with what you hear there, you should appeal directly to the person who graded that question. No 
questions about any other part of the test that the ATA graded should go to the TA, and similarly, you should not take 
your questions about the TA-graded part to the ATA..

3. If you are still unhappy, you may appeal to me. If you do this, you should put your concern into writing and I will give it 
to other people who graded that portion of the test, and look it over myself. If you submit an essay question for re-grading, 
we will look over the entire short essay portion of the exam, and the same goes for the fill-ins. Your grade could go up as 
well as down. This review will be the final one.

You have two weeks from the time the exams are returned in lecture to make your appeals. after that, the appeals process