Missing Class Policy:

First, do not contact me unless you are going to be missing an exam. I do not take attendance in a 500-person lecture.

It is your TA to whom you have to talk about missing labs. You can find out who your TA is by looking on my website 
(see link below). If you miss a lab the best thing to do is to find another lab taught by the same TA and go to that. If you 
can't attend any of your TA's other labs, then (after the first week) go to anyone's labs, as we cover important information 
in labs and you will need to get that material covered.

If you need to catch up on material that you have missed as a result of your missing class, you should FIRST get the notes 
from another student in the class. Then, if you have any questions about the material, make an appointment with your ATA 
and go over these notes. If you still have questions after that, please feel free to consult your TA or me (Patti) with specific 
questions. We cannot, however, re-teach lecture material individually to all students who miss class.

Remember, it is your responsibility to obtain notes on the material you have missed, and you are responsible for everything 
that is said in lecture and labs, whether you are there or not!