Sociology 1004                                                                                                      Dr. Patti Adler  
Deviance in US Society                                                                                          Spring, 2014

                                                      TOPICS AND READINGS

DATE                             TOPIC                                               ASSIGNMENT DUE

Jan 14                          Framing Deviance                               General Introduction


Jan 16                          Eye of the Beholder                            CofD: chs. 3, 4


Jan 21                          Defining Deviance                              CofD: chs. 1, 2

                                                                                                Part Introduction to Part I


Jan 23                          Studying Deviance:                            CofD: ch. 12, Part      

                                    Official Statistics and                         Introduction

                                    the Careers of Crimes;                                    to Part III

                                    The UCRs             


Jan 24                                                                                      Email quiz out


Jan 28                          Survey Research                                 CofD: ch. 13



Jan 30                          Field Research                                    CofD: ch. 14


                                    End of Add Period without instructor signature


Jan 31                                                                                      Email quiz due


Feb 4                           Constructing Deviance                                   CofD: chs. 15, 16, 17

                                                                                                Introduction to Part IV

                                    End of Add period without petitioning Dean


Feb 6                           Constructing Deviance                                   CofD: chs. 18, 19, 20


Feb 11                         Social Constructionism Review          CofD: chs. 21, 22, 5


Feb 13                         ABC News: Ecstasy Rising               


Feb 16                         Q&A Exam Review Session               DUAN G1B30 4:30-6:00pm


Feb 17                         First Exam                                           6:30-9:30pm (no make-ups)

                                    DUAN G1B20 & DUAN G1B30


Feb 18                         Recovery Day

Feb 20                         Theories of                                          CofD: Introduction to Part II

                                     Deviance                                             chs. 7, 8


Feb 25                        Informal Identity Labeling                 CofD: chs. 23, 24, 25

                                                                                                Introduction to Part V           


Feb 27                        Formal Identity Labeling                               

                                    End of drop period without having to petition dean


Mar 4                           Excuses and                                        CofD: chs. 26, 27 


Mar 6                           Individual Stigma                               CofD: chs. 28, 29, 30



Mar 11                         Little People film                               


Mar 13                         Collective Stigma Management          CofD: ch. 31  

                             Last day for students with 3 or more finals to make arrangements to change their final exam schedule  


Mar 17                         Second Exam                          6:30-9:30pm (no makeups)

                               DUAN G1B20 & DUAN G1B30


Mar 18                         Recovery Day


Mar 20                         Guys and Dolls


Apr 1                           Deviant Associations;                         CofD: chs. 32, 33, 37

                                    Loners                                                 Introduction to Part VI

                                                                        Watch Inside Job movie from D2L by this date

                                    Student course registration for fall begins


Apr 3                           Colleagues                                           CofD: ch. 34


Apr 8                           Peers, Crews, and                               CofD: chs. 35, 36

                                    Formal Organizations                          Norm Violation Contracts due


Apr 10                         Deviant Transactions;                         Introduction to Part VII

                                    Individual Deviance                           CofD: ch. 38


Apr 11                         TAs will call people with problematic norm violation projects; if you have not heard from us by this time you are free to carry out your project


Apr 15                         Cooperation: Trades                            CofD: chs. 39, 40

                                    And Sales                                           


Apr 17                         Conflict/Exploitation                          CofD: chs. 41, 42, 43

                                    Coercion                                                          Email Swindlers


Apr 22                         Rape                                                    Silent No More (on web)

                                                                                                Norm Violation papers due


Apr 24                         Deviant Careers:                                 CofD: chs. 44, 45

                                    Entering Deviance                              Introduction to Part VIII


Apr 29                         Deviant vs. Legitimate Careers           CofD: ch. 46, 47

                                                                                                Introduction to Part IX


May 1                          Exiting Deviance                               


May 3                          Final Exam, Coors Events Center       1:30-4:00pm no makeups 

                                       The Tender Cut papers due


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