University of Colorado at Boulder
Selected Websites

Following is a selected list of websites produced by faculty, students and staff of the University of Colorado at Boulder as part of their teaching, research and academic outreach activities. The sites were selected because their contents -- ranging from discussions of and information on societal, cultural and scientific issues, to resources on writing instruction, to extensive course materials on topics of broad interest, to information on modern technology, and much more -- are of interest to the broad community beyond the University.

This list was assembled in conjunction with CU Boulder's campus-wide Alliance for Technology, Learning and Society (ATLAS). Please send comments or suggestions to ATLAS Faculty Director Bobby Schnabel. A companion list, Selected External Websites, contains some university, education and non-profit organization, government, foundation and industry websites related to instructional technology, technology and society, and outreach using technology.


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    CIRES, Susan Avery, Director

      web site for Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences on-line brochure and monthly newsletter

    CIRES, Rich Fozzard

      Globe Program: environmental science education program for K-12 schools around the world

    INSTAAR, James Syvitski, Director

      web site for Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research including descriptions of research programs and very extensive web links to related sites


Instructional Technology Support:

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