Numerical Methods for Nonlinear Optimization

Computer Science 6676,  Spring 1999

January 11, 1999

This course will discuss numerical methods for solving three important nonlinear algebra problems: solving systems of nonlinear equations, finding the minimum or maximum of a nonlinear function of multiple variables (unconstrained optimization), and nonlinear least squares. We will cover both the mathematical derivation of the methods and their computer implementation. We will concentrate on the areas that cause trouble in practice, including developing algorithms that converge from bad starting points, the approximation of derivatives when they aren't available analytically, and the solution of problems with large numbers of variables. The aim is to enable the student to solve these and related problems in real world situations, and to understand the methods involved.

Course outline : chapters 1-10 of text, plus lectures on global optimization, solution of large scale problems, and parallel optimization methods

Text : Numerical Methods for Unconstrained Optimization and Nonlinear Equations,
J. E. Dennis and R. B. Schnabel, SIAM, 1996

Reserve reading in math-physics library :
        Practical Methods of Optimization, 2nd Edition, R. Fletcher, John Wiley and Sons, 1987
        Practical Optimization, P. Gill, W. Murray, and M. Wright, Academic Press, 1981
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