Computer Science 6676, Spring 1999                                         April 21, 1999

Assignment 7

Due Friday, May 7, by noon, in Bobby Schnabel's mailbox in ECOT 717


Note: This assignment will not be accepted late, unless there is a very pressing reason and arrangments are made by April 30


Select a paper from the research literature that is relevant to the material covered this semester. It is suggested that you select the paper either from the list of papers (these will be discussed briefly in class) or from one of the following journals:

If you select a paper that is not on the attached list, please check with the instructor to verify that it is satisfactory before proceeding with the assignment.

Prepare a 4-5 page computer written report (double-spaced) addressing the following points (part 1 should be 2-3 pages, parts 2-5 should be about 1/2 page each) :

  1. Give a summary of the paper.
  2. How is the paper related to our course?
  3. What do you think is the most important new contribution of the paper?
  4. What do you think is the biggest weakness of the paper?
  5. What are some directions for future research based on the work of this paper?