Revisions to Class Schedule

Due primarily to my administrative responsibilities, it will be necessary to reschedule some class
meetings.  Since all class members are able to make 2:00-3:15 Fridays if necessary, please keep this time available for possible rescheduling of class meetings.  The following changes are currently scheduled:
Wednesday, January 20 Friday, January 22 definite
Wednesday,  February 3 Friday, February 5 definite
Wednesday, February 24 Friday, February 19 definite
Monday, March 29 Friday, April 2 definite
Monday, April 2 Friday, April 16 definite
Wednesday, April 28 Friday, April 30 definite

All classes will be held in ECOT 831.

If any additional changes are necessary, or as the times above that are marked tentative become definite, email will be sent to the class and this web page will be updated.