Florence Bocquet, Ph.D.

Contact Information

             Tel.: (720) 308-1593
             Email: bocquet ; Domain: colorado.edu


2007: Doctoral degree, Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, University of Colorado at Boulder, USA and Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research. Thesis title: "Surface ozone dynamics and air-snow interactions at Summit, Greenland: the complex interactions."

2002: Master's of Science, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences department, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Thesis title: "Synoptic-scale signatures of warm-season mesoscale vortices in the Montreal region."

2000: Bachelor of Science, exchange programs from Bordeaux University, France with University of Quebec at Montreal, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


- Jan. 2016 - Present: Science instructor and curriculum developer for my own class "Bilingual Science Exploration", provided through Life-Long Learning.
    Responsibilities: Develop and instruct hands-on curricula to engage students in science exploration and understanding, plus immersion to the French language. Students are K-5 grade. Provided during no-school days, school breaks and weekly after-school at Ryan Elementary, Lafayette, CO.

- Jan. 2015 - Present: STEM educator at iFLY-Denver, an indoor skydiving facilty.
    Responsibilities: Provide math and physics education related to skydiving (forces, fluids, etc) to K-12 students.

- Mar. 2014 - Present: Academic Tutor for Boulder Valley School District (BVSD).
    Responsibilities: Provide tutoring in any fields of science to the American Indian community of BVSD K-12 schools. Since Spring 2014, I have tutored 9 sutdents, four of them were for the whole school year. Students were in 2nd to 12th grade.

- Feb. - Dec. 2014: Freelance Science Editor for Stallard Scientific Editing.
    Responsibilities: Edit scientific papers to be submitted to peer-reviewed journals; Field of expertise: atmospheric sciences.

- Feb.- Oct. 2014: Classroom Observer for Science Education Resource Center / On the Cutting Edge.
    Responsibilities: Observe and score lecture-style geoscience classrooms based on the Reformed Teaching Observation Protocol (RTOP) standards.

- July 21-23 2014: French and Science Teacher for the summer mountain camp of the Colorado International School.
    Responsibilities: Taught the related science about fire in French. I had two students, Ariana and Kenny, ages of 11 and 16 yrs old, resp.

- Sept.- Oct. 2013: Reviewer for Science Education Resource Center / On the Cutting Edge.
    Responsibilities: Reviewed a series of teaching activities (courses, labs and field expeditions) in general geology.

- Mar.- Oct. 2011: Interim Scientific Director for CREW (Center for Research and Education in Wind).

- Dec. 2008 - Dec. 2012: Managing Director for the Center for Research and Education in Wind (CREW).
    Responsibilities: CREW is a consortium of 6 institutions: CU-Boulder, CSU, CSM, NREL, NCAR and NOAA. I coordinated the day-to-day administrative and operational functions of the Center. In this position, I was in charge of e.g., (a) managing and collaborating with numerous scientists, engineers, and administrative staff, (b) recruiting industry sponsors, (c) organizing and running meetings, seminar series, workshops, and annual symposia, (d) updating the center’s website, (e) facilitating outreach education about wind energy, (f) writing the monthly newsletters, (g) overseeing budgets and expenditures, and (h) working with the Technology Transfer Office and the Office of Contracts and Grants of CU-Boulder to develop the intellectual property rights documents.
Some info about the center: (a) Inaugural day for CREW in 2009 with Bill Ritter , (b) General info about CREW

- Oct. 2007 - Dec. 2010: Post-doctoral research associate at CIRES (Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences).         
    Research topic: Stable nocturnal boundary layer dynamics: the work focused on characterizing boundary-layer turbulence using two different proxies. The two different proxies originated from data taken on meteorological towers and with a Tethered Lifting System (TLS).

- Apr.- Jun. 2008: Visiting scientist at MISU (Meteorological Institute of Stockholm University).
    Research topic: Implementation of the MIUU mesoscale model for the GABLS 3 project, which is the third case study for model intercomparison. See GABLS 3 results paper. GABLS is an international project aimed at improving the representation of the atmospheric boundary layer in climate models on the basis of an advanced understanding of the relevant processes.

Research Interests

My background is in Earth sciences, covering a wide range of topics including atmospheric chemistry, atmospheric turbulence, wind energy, meteorology, geology, oceanography, and glaciology.  A few of my research interests are:
- to contribute to renewable energy research, in particular wind energy;
- to contribute to outreach, science education and science education research;

** Some keen research interests **
Boundary-layer turbulence in a wind farm environment as well as turbulence created by wind turbine themselves.

Online Courses

- “FLOW Education: Facilitating Learning through Outdoor Watershed Education” (Fall 2015)
- “Early childhood education” (Summer 2015)
- “Water in the Western United States” (Spring 2015)
- “An introduction to evidence-based undergraduate STEM teaching” (Fall 2014)

Education & Outreach

- Sept. 2015 - Present: science-related helper at Ryan Elementary School.
- Jan. 2012 - Present: science educator for the toddlers and preschool students of the Children's Commerce Center.
- Feb. 2010 - 2016: Science fair judge for the BVSD Corden Pharma Regional Science Fair.
- Feb. - Mar. 2014: Science educator assistant at Columbine Middle School with CLACE (Centro Latino-americano para las Artes, Ciencia y Educacion).
- Sept. - Oct. 2013: Reviewer for On the Cutting Edge; Reviewed teaching activities; Attended GSA Annual Meeting (Denver, CO).
- Nov. 19, 2008: Speaker for the Bridge Middle and High School, Boulder, CO - Talk on climage change.
- Sept.-Nov. 2008: Earth educator at the Community Montessori School, Boulder, CO, organized by the Environmental Center of the University of Colorado at Boulder.
- Aug. 24 - 27, 2006: Environmental research design (eco-challenge): the Snowbird Charrette, Snowbird, UT.
- June 24 - 27, 2006: Earthworks scientist at Cal-Wood, Jamestown, CO: Earthworks 2006
mentored program - K-12 teachers from around the U.S. practice scientific inquiry and conduct fieldwork in order to create Earth science research projects for their students; Sponsored by CIRES.
- June 2, 2004: Speaker at Summit Middle School, Boulder, CO - Presentation of snow research at Summit, Greenland; In collaboration with Barry Lefer (ex-NCAR scientist, professor at University of Houston).

- July 1 - Aug. 23, 2000:  Ablation and sun cup formation near
camp C-18 of the Juneau icefield. Juneau Icefield Research Program (info links: 1, 2 and 3).

Professional workshops

- May 9-10, 2016: workshop "Mysterious Soil Microbes" for formal and informal educators (sponsored by CIRES, CU); Boulder, CO
- Mar. 18-19, 2016: conference "Advancing Environmental Education" by the Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education (CAEE), committee member and attendee; Denver, CO.
- Sept. 21, 2014: Workshop "Red Planet: Read, Write, Explore! for K-5 students" (sponsored by LASP, CU)
- June 28-29, 2011: AWEA University Summit (info), sponsored by the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA); Iowa City, IA.
- May 11-12, 2010: Wind Energy R&D workshop, sponsored by National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) (by invitation only); Boulder, CO.
- Apr. 29, 2010: Workshop "Communicating Science" (sponsored by NSF; Boulder, CO).
- Apr. 22, 2010: Workshop "Data Analysis with Matlab for Excel users", sponsored by MathWorks; Broomfield, CO.
- Oct. 21, 2009: Energy Initiative research symposium: CU-Boulder energy initiative in partnership with regional federal labs NREL, NOAA, NCAR; Boulder, CO.
- Oct. 8-9, 2009: Wind Turbine Condition Monitoring workshop, sponsored by NREL; Broomfield, CO.
- May 17-19, 2009: "Teaching about energy in geosciences courses: current research and pedagogy", sponsored by On the Cutting Edge and the National Association of Geoscience Teachers, organized by the University of Wyoming, funded by NSF; Laramie, WY.
- Nov. 17, 2008: Energy Initiative research symposium: CU-Boulder energy initiative in partnership with regional federal labs NREL, NOAA, NCAR; Boulder, CO.
- Oct. 17-19, 2008: Workshop "Teaching climate change: impacts in Colorado", organized by the CIRES Education and Outreach program, sponsored by NSF; Boulder, CO.
- July 7, 2008: Career development workshop, organizing by the Association of Polar Early Career Scientists (APECS); St Petersburg, Russia.


- Oct. 2009 - Dec. 2012: affiliate of the Renewable & Sustainable Energy Institute (RASEI), University of Colorado at Boulder, Boulder, CO.


Bocquet F., Helmig D., Van Dam B.A., and Fairall C.W. (2011) Evaluation of the flux gradient technique for measurement of ozone surface fluxes over snowpack at Summit, Greenland. Atmos. Meas. Tech., 4, 1-17, DOI: 10.5194/amt-4-1-2011

Fisher J., Zardin E., Bocquet F., Swann A., Rudiger C., Kyro E.-M., and Gunthe S. (2010) The new generation of 'land-atmosphere exchange' scientists. iLEAPS Spring 2010 newsletter (pdf), pp. 47-49.

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Helmig D., Cohen L., Bocquet F., Oltmans S., Grachev A., and Neff W. (2009) Spring and summertime diurnal surface ozone fluxes over the polar snow at Summit, Greenland. Geophys. Res. Letters, 36, DOI: 10.1029/2008GL036549. (pdf)

Bocquet F., Oltmans S., and Helmig D. (2007) Ozone in the mid-latitude seasonal snowpack at Niwot Ridge, Colorado. Journal of Arctic, Antarctic and Alpine Research, 39(3), 375-387. (pdf)

Dibb J., Albert M., Anastasio C., Arsenault M., Atlas E., Beyersdorf A., Blake N., Blake D., Bocquet F., and others (2007) An overview of air-snow exchange at Summit, Greenland: recent experiments and findings. Atmospheric Environment, 41(24), 4995-5006. (pdf)
Helmig D., Bocquet F., Cohen L., and Oltmans S. (2007) Ozone uptake to the polar snowpack at Summit, Greenland. Atmospheric Environment, 41(24), 5061-5076. (pdf)

Helmig, D., Bocquet F., Pollmann J. and Revermann T. (2003)  Analytical techniques for sesquiterpenes emission rate studies in vegetation enclosure experiments:
results from the testing of solid adsorbents, gas chromatography techniques, mass spectrometry, sampling bags and leaf cuvettes for sesquiterpene emission studies.  Atmospheric Environment, 38, 557-572.

Helmig, D., Revermann T., Pollmann J., Kaltschmidt O., Jiménez Hernández A., Bocquet F., and David D. (2003)  Calibration system and analytical considerations for sesquiterpene analysis in air: description of a procedure for generating sesquiterpene standards and for their gas chromotography analysis.  J. Chromatography A, 1002, 193-211.


           Conference Talks:

Bocquet F., Balsley B., Tjernström M, and Svensson G. (2008) Using the TLS to improve the understanding of atmospheric turbulent processes. 18th Symposium on Boundary Layers and Turbulence, 9-13 June 2008, Stockholm, Sweden. (Abstract)

Bocquet F. and Helmig D. (2007) Surface layer ozone dynamics and air-snow interactions at Summit, Greenland. 37th International Arctic Workshop, 2-5 May 2007, Skaftafell, Iceland.

Bocquet F.
, Cohen L. and Helmig D. (2006) Ozone exchange at the air-snow interface at the polar site of Summit, Greenland. 36th International Arctic Workshop, 16-18 March 2006, Boulder, CO, USA.

Bocquet F., Rick, U. and Helmig, D. (2004)  Ozone uptake to Polar and mid-latitude snowpacks. 34th International Arctic Workshop, 10-13 March 2004, Boulder, CO, USA.
Bocquet F. (2002)  Synoptic-scale signatures of warm-season heavy precipitation events associated with mesoscale vortices in the Montreal region. Warm-season severe weather workshop at the Burlington Weather Forecast Office, 15 May 2002, Burlington, VT, USA.

Conference Posters:
Bocquet F. and B. Balsley (2009) Turbulent boundary-layer dynamics: intermittent or persistent turbulence? GEWEX-iLEAPS joint conferences, 24-28 August 2009, Melbourne, Australia.

Bocquet F.
(2008) Current state of ozone in Greenland: gas exchange with the warming icesheet. Polar Research: Arctic and Antarctic perspectives in the International Polar Year, 7-11 July 2008, St Petersburg, Russia.

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Bocquet F. (2006) Ozone exchange at the air-snow interface at Summit, Greenland: environmental implications. Earth System Science Partnership (ESSP) Open Science Conference, 9-12 November 2006, Beijing, China.

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Bocquet F.
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Bocquet F.
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Bocquet F.
, Rick U. and Helmig D. (2004)   Ozone uptake to Polar and mid-latitude snowpacks. International Global Atmospheric Chemistry (IGAC) conference, 4-9 September 2004, Christchurch, New Zealand.

Helmig D., Bocquet F., Cohen L., Ganzeveld L., Oltmans S. and Rick U. (2004)  Ozone deposition to Polar and mid-latitude snowpacks. International Global Atmospheric Chemistry (IGAC) conference, 4-9 September 2004, Christchurch, New Zealand. 

Helmig D., Bocquet F., Fuentes J.D., Oltmans S.J. and Tarasick D.W. (2003)  Which processes determine ozone surface-atmosphere fluxes over snow?  Aerosolitutkimusseura R.Y. Finnish Association for Aerosol Research.  Report Series in Aerosol Science No 62A. Proceedings of ILEAPS: Integrated Land Ecosystem - Atmosphere Processes Study. International Open Science Conference, 29 September - 3 October 2003, Helsinki, Finland, pp. 142-144. 

Bocquet F., Revermann T., Pollmann J., Hermandez A. J., Kaltschmidt O. and Helmig D. (2002)  Sesquiterpenes emission from vegetation-Development of analysis techniques for enclosure and ambient measurements.  AGU conference, 6-10 December 2002, San Francisco, CA, USA.

Awards throughout my Graduate School years

- June 2009: $1400 international travel grant from the Integrated Land Ecosystem-Atmosphere Processes Study (iLEAPS)
- July 2008:  $700 international travel grant from Science Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR), International Arctic Science Committee (ISAC), and Assoc. of Polar Early Career Scientists (APECS)
- May 2007:  $350 international travel grant from the Arctic Workshop/NSF
- Jan. 2007:   $250 teaching assistant fellowship
- Sept. 2006: $1000 fall scholarship from the International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) of the University of Colorado
- Aug. 2006: $300 international travel grant from the Graduate School of the University of Colorado
- July 2006:   $1000 international travel grant from Earth System Science Partnership (ESSP) Global Environmental Change Open Science Conference
- June 2006:  $4500 summer fellowship from the Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences department (ATOC)
- Feb. 2006:  $300 international travel grant from the Graduate School of the University of Colorado
- Jan. 2006:   $300 international travel grant from United Government of Graduate Students (UGGS) at the University of Colorado
- Jan. 2006:   $1000 teaching assistant fellowship
- Sept. 2005: $1000 teaching assistant fellowship
- Feb. 2005:  $1000 spring scholarship from the International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) of the University of Colorado
- April 2004: $1350 international travel grant from the International Global Atmospheric Chemistry (IGAC)


- 2005: Aviation, bear and field safety training, survival medicine, and CPR (then offered by VECO Polar Resources (VPR) but now renamed to CH2MHill Polar Services)
- 2000: Advanced wilderness field medecine + CPR (sponsord by the Juneau Icefield Research Program)
- 1999: Diving level 1  + CPR (offered by PADI )
- 1999: Aerobic instructor formation + CPR (offered by the University of Quebec at Montreal)
- 1997: Brevet national de securité et de sauvetage (lifeguard national certificate) (offered in France)
- 1997: Certificat de formation aux activités de premiers secours en equipe (first aid formation - level II [in team; use of oxygen bottle]) (offered in France)
- 1997: Attestation de formation aux premiers secours (first aid formation - level I) (offered in France)

Personal interests    

- Backcountry skiing   (Are you joining me?)
- Any other outdoors activities: hiking, backpacking, biking, running, rock climbing, traveling, as well as swimming...and swing, tango and salsa dancing with my Sweetheart Bryan! [who is my Bryan?]

- Traveling...across countries, across cultures...so far, England ('91), Martinique ('92), Spain ('94), Portugal ('94), Tenerife ('94), Lanzarote ('95), Jamaica ('02), Baja Mexico ('03), Greenland ('03 and '04), New Zealand ('04), Austria ('06), Morocco ('06), China ('06), Iceland ('07), Sweden ('08), Russia ('08), Norway ('08), Australia -and its wildlife ('09), Thailand ('11), Singapore ('12), Costa Rica ('13 and '16) and of course, Canada, USA (including Kauai & Big Island ('10) and Puerto Rico ('13)) and France.

- My first boy, Arthur, who is born on June 26, 2010.

- My second boy, Benjamin, who is born on July 13, 2012.

- Wedding dress designer

- My field work experience: some good old times (Summit, Greenland) Field and research pictures

Links of interest

Ben Balsley's research group you want to know more about the research group I was part of when I held my post-doctoral years...Note that sadly Ben Balsley passed away in July 2013.

Summit Camp, Greenland  you want to know the weather at Summit, look at the webcam, or just know more about the life in general at Summit...

Atmospheric Research Lab  you want to know more about the research group I was part of when I did my PhD...

Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences department at McGill University, Montreal, Canada  you want to know which graduate school I come from...

Juneau Icefield Research Program (JIRP), Juneau, Alaska  The amazing summer research program I participated in 2000...Click here for the story of the 2000 JIRP crew.

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