Field and Research Pictures

All of these pictures are from Summit, Greenland field season spent during March and April 2004.

     Morning snow storm in March, 2004...see the Big House, it is just right there!

                                                                       Beautiful sunrise over the ski-way and a nice sunset over Tent City.

12-m tower highlighted by the sun....Yes, snow storms accumulate lots of snow around any obstacles, continue to dig the buildings out...

          The Big House, which had the entrance door at 2 m above the ground three years ago, is barely keeping up with the snow accumulation. Life is hard!

The 12-m tower on which we mount meteorological instruments (ambient temperature, wind speed and direction, shortwave incoming and reflected radiation, barometric pressure, surface temperature) and ozone sampling inlets. Meg (to the right of the picture) and I were dealing with feeding cables and sampling lines through pipes, which were leading to the underground science trench. In this underground room, ozone analyzers, dataloggers and laptops are kept in the white box on the horizontal position, which is a fridge. This is used to keep all the instruments at a "normal" room temperature. The science trench, which is at about 10 m below the snow surface, is kept at feezing temperature.

We sampled and measured ozone mixing ratio at few different heights (10, 2 and 0.5 m) and depths (0.3, 0.6 and 0.9 m), as well as at the surface. This helps us identify gradients and fluxes of ozone in the atmospheric boundary layer. With this information, we correlate the depletion and formation of ozone to meteorological parameters, such as solar radiation and wind speed.

        The LC-130 military flight taken first from Scotia, NY to Kangerlussuaq (i.e., Kanger), Greenland, and then, from Kanger to Summit, Greenland.

                                    Yes, it was COLD at times!...but Manuel prepared us some Greenlandic coffee, excellent for warming you up :-)

All the ladies on camp (from left to right, Donna, me, Sarah, Kelly, Meg and Zoe). Enjoying the outdoor hot tub (-45F and +104F for the ambient and water temperatures, resp.). And my birthday party, which was an excuse to have a warm Hawaiian theme party...