intermediate piano for non-music majors


Take piano lessons with a pedagogy intern this Spring! These lessons are for non-music majors who have had AT LEAST 3 YEARS OF RECENT PIANO INSTRUCTION (sorry, no exceptions this semester). The instructors are piano majors in their junior or senior year. No university credit. Dr. Alejandro Cremaschi, in the piano faculty, supervises the interns.

Interested? Read the following policies:

  1. BulletYou MUST commit to attending at least 9 lessons this semester

  2. BulletYou arrange the lesson time with your instructor

  3. BulletLessons happen in the Imig Music Building

  4. BulletSome lessons will be videotaped

  5. BulletYou MUST commit to practicing the piano at least 3 hours per week (split into several days). You will get access to pianos for practice.

  6. BulletThe tuition cost for the lessons is $100 TOTAL, for 9 weekly lessons of 45 minutes each.

  7. BulletThe FULL tuition is due at the first lesson. Pay your instructor directly

  8. BulletThese lessons are not for university credit

  9. BulletThe instructors are piano majors in their junior and senior years who are taking a pedagogy class this semester

  10. BulletThe lessons are supervised by Dr. Cremaschi

  11. BulletThe material in the lesson will focus MOSTLY ON CLASSICAL selections, and some popular arrangements and pieces.

  12. BulletThe material will be determined jointly by your instructor and Dr. Cremaschi. They will consider your suggestions. 

  13. BulletThe goal by the end of the semester is to have learned and be able play at least 2 pieces, and to have an awareness of basic theory elements related to the piece.

Still interested? Email:

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Intermediate piano for non music major

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