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SeascapeMarine Biology / Oceanography is a hot topic today, even for students at a university 800-plus miles from the nearest coast.  People are becoming aware of the damage being inflicted on the oceans and are beginning to realize that reducing this damage would be easier than reversing it after the oceans have been compromised.  I have been teaching two marine ecology courses here at CU since the mid 1980s to students who have been very enthusiastic about the subject. 

Coral Reef Ecology is a field course taught in the Caribbean over winter break to upper division biology students who are SCUBA certified.  Surprisingly, Colorado has the highest number of SCUBA divers per capita of all 50 states.  The second course, Tropical Marine Ecology, is a traditional lecture course dealing with many aspects of the marine environment.

Marine Biology, for the most part, is a graduate program.  Many colleges and universities in coastal areas have undergraduate degrees in the subject, but employment in this field most generally demands a graduate degree.  The best prerequsite for such is a strong undergraduate degree in biology which can be obtained here at CU, Boulder.

Biology: A Human Approach, is an introductory biology course  expressley designed for the non-science-oriented student.  It has a long, successful history here at CU, having been taught to forty thousand students since 1948.  As a two-semester biology course, it fills an Arts and Sciences core-curriculum-science requirement. 

Independent Research, Independent Studies and Internships are
arranged individually by upper division students with their professors.

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