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Welcome to my homepage! I have recently moved to CU Boulder to work with Greg Tucker on a variety of landscape evolution modelling problems. Our main project involves reworking the CHILD model to make it more user friendly and powerful, but we are also on the lookout for good test cases on which to give the new model - Landlab - its first workouts. If you know of any landscapes that are in need of a good modelling, please get in touch!

I am also research-active in a number of other projects, working primarily with colleagues in Virginia and Edinburgh. These include both terrestrial and planetary studies, such as:

  1. transient landscape dynamics, especially those involving glacial influence on fluvial systems,
  2. the role of extreme events in driving landscape evolution in dry mountainous environments,
  3. reconstruction of past climatic events from geomorphology,
  4. the role of sediment in driving fluvial incision processes on long timescales,
  5. the (possibly glacio-fluvial) origin of incised channel features in the mid-latitudes of Mars;
  6. martian sediment fan processes, including analogue studies in the Atacama desert; and
  7. thinking about melt and sublimation processes of ice on planetary surfaces, especially Europa,
  8. impact cratering as a geomorphic process.

You can read more about my research interests by following the links in the header bar at the top of these pages. From there you can also access my publications page and my CV. The publications page also features a summary of my citation metrics.

One day this website will feature all-singing, all-dancing, CSS-formatted website excellence. But this is not that day. Sorry.

Contact Details

Come find me in room 465, Benson Earth Sciences (right by the CU Boulder stadium). My postal address is:

Dr Daniel E. J. Hobley
Department of Geological Sciences,
University of Colorado Boulder,
UCB 399,
2200 Colorado Ave.,
Boulder, CO 80309-0399.


Tel: (303) 735-4723

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