Dan Hobley

Research Associate, Dept. of Geological Sciences/CIRES, CU Boulder,

& NCED2 Synthesis Postdoctoral Scientist

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Welcome to my homepage! I work at CU Boulder with Greg Tucker on a variety of landscape evolution modelling problems. I am a core developer for the new, open source, modular, Python-based surface process modelling framework, "Landlab". I'm also currently working on hillslope erosion and transport processes on steep, rocky slopes, and on the "appropriate complexity" modelling of sedimentary systems.

I'm also interested in surface processes and landscape evolution on other worlds in our solar system, including Mars, Europa, and the Moon. Specific questions include:

  1. What drives recent fluvial activity on Mars, and how important are interactions with the cryosphere?
  2. What is the lander-scale surface roughness of Europa?
  3. How does diffusion-like landscape evolution arise from impact cratering?

You can read more about my research interests by following the links in the header bar at the top of these pages. From there you can also access my publications page and my CV. The publications page also features a summary of my citation metrics.

One day this website will feature all-singing, all-dancing, CSS-formatted website excellence. But this is not that day. Sorry.

Contact Details

Come find me in room 265, Benson Earth Sciences (right by the CU Boulder stadium). My postal address is:

Dr Daniel E. J. Hobley
Department of Geological Sciences,
University of Colorado Boulder,
UCB 399,
2200 Colorado Ave.,
Boulder, CO 80309-0399.


Tel: (303) 735-4723

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