Scientific illustration - Student artwork 2013


This Scientific Illustration class was designed with the scientist in mind. This is not a fine arts class. Instead the focus is on training those with little to no art background to be able to render accurate illustrations of scientific subject matter. As you will see in this exhibit, all of the artists are pursuing degrees in museum studies or in one of the science disciplines.

Art is an important part of communicating science to a range of audiences including students of all ages, the general public, policy-makers and other scientists. Scientific art may be featured in exhibits, educational materials, scientific papers and presentations, in digital media and in textbooks. Although the first goal of scientific illustration is to communicate accurate information and/or concepts, these works can be created to invoke an emotional response from the viewer as well. Finally, the training that goes into being able to truly see a subject that you are trying to illustrate is an incredibly important skill to have as a scientist. Thus, becoming a better artist also makes one a better scientist.


Meet the artists:

Lauren Amundson

Sierra stowell

jonathan kleinman

lucas hayas

talia karim

danielle forte

tyler square

brita mines

evan anderson

jered karr

erin collier-zans

sarah danser

tara menne

the CU Museum of Natural History Hosted an exhibit with more work from these artists in April-July 2013

For more information about this exhibit or about the course contact:

Dr. Dena M. Smith

Curator of Invertebrate Paleontology