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Faculty Member

Alireza Doostan
Assistant Professor, Aerospace Engineering Sciences Department
Affiliated Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Statistics

Current Postdoctoral Fellows

Dr. Matthew Reynolds
, 2014 - present (co-mentored with Prof. Gregory Beylkin)
Research interests: low-rank separated representations, tensor interpolative decompositions

Dr. Jerrad Hampton, 2012 - present
Research interests: compressive sampling, polynomial chaos expansions, computational statistics

Current Ph.D. Students

Hillary Fairbanks, 2014 - present
Thesis: Low-rank and multi-level methods for uncertainty quantification

Ignas Satkauskas, 2013 - present (co-advised with Prof. Gregory Beylkin)
Thesis: Low-rank tensor methods for uncertainty quantification

Mohammad Hadigol, 2011 - present
Thesis: Uncertainty quantification of coupled problems with application to Lithium-ion batteries

Ji Peng, 2011 - present
Thesis: Compressive sampling-based sparse approximations for uncertainty propagation

Former Postdoctoral Fellows

Dr. David Biagioni, 2012 - 2014 (co-mentored with Prof. Gregory Beylkin, next position: NREL)

Former Ph.D. Students

Dr. Christapher Lang, 2010 - 2013 (co-advised with Prof. Kurt Maute, next position: NASA Langly)
Thesis: Data-driven uncertainty modeling with X-FEM

Former Undergraduate (or BS-MS) Students

Garrett Brown, Spring and Summer 2014
Andrew Tsoi, Spring 2014