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Amanda Baggs Blog
Amanda Baggs YouTube “”Retarded”
Asperger Syndrome
Info on a syndrome similar to autism
Asperger's Disorder Overview and Links
Autism - Educating Children with Autism
Autism -Overview and Links
Autism and Theory of Mind
Autism HS
Autism research in SL
Autistic Self-Advocacy Network
Center for Study of Autism
Information for parents and professionals
Global & Regional Asperger Syndrome Partnership
Link List - Autism - Resources
Link List - Autism Blogs
Link List - Resources Related to Autism and Neurodiversity
Neurodiversity Blog List
Pediatric Neurology
Resources for childhood Developmental Deficits and Brain Injuries
Semantic-Pragmatic Disorder
Possibly an autism spectrum disorder
Special Hope Foundation
Small grants for special needs projects
The Real Voice of Autism website