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American Association of Suicidology
Brain and Nervous System Disease Information (from MEDLINEplus)
Clinical Neuroscience Tutorial
Basic Medical School level
Conditions:Terms for Cognitive Behavioral and Neurologic Conditions
Disease Oriented Brain Information
Articles(pdf format) from publications of the Dana Foundation
Drugs - Psychoactive Drugs Patient Primer
Federico Fellini Hemineglect case
Genes and Behavior
Information about mental conditions and behaviors for which genes are implicated
Hemineglect example moviews
Hydrocephalus - Hydrocephalus Association
Support, education and advocacy
Institute for Cognitive Prosthetics
Uses technology to assist in recovery from stroke and brain injury. Site includes PDF format reprints of research articles.
Irritable Bowel Syndrome Association
Link List - Disease and Health Information from MEDLINEplus
Excellent starting point
Link List - Narcolepsy
Link List - Neurosurgery On-Call
American Association of Neurosurgeon comprehensive information site for both professional and public
Link List - Periodic Paralysis Resources
Link List - Post-Polio Task Force Information Center
Medical Image Database (extensive)
Organized by disease category or location
MEDLINEplus Health Information from NIH
***** Health, disease and drug information presented by the National Library of medicine at a level intended for non-specialist consumers.
Mental Conditions: Patient Oriented Information from PsyWeb
Neuro Diseases Introduction
Neurologic Disorder Information and Glossary
Excellent. Description, treatment, prognosis and links for an extensive list of disorders. (from NIMH)
Neurology Cases Teaching Files
Neurology Channel
Consumer-oriented information on all things neurological
Neurology Conditions and Basic Information
From Neurosurgery on-call
Neuroradiology Imaging Teaching Case Files
Images and descriptions of various conditions
Parkinson's Disease Basic Information
Consumer-oriented from Neurology Forum
Parkinsonís Disease Resources and Links from the Michael J Fox Foundation
Tardive Dyskinesia Information
Tourette's Disorder Overview and Links
Virtual Pathology Museum - Numerous Images
Web of Addictions
Web-Safe Non-Dithering Colors by Hue
WebPath Internet Pathology Laboratory