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Action Potential - Physical Factors Related to the Action Potential (brief tutorial)
Action Potential - Propagation
Excellent cartoon graphic. Very complete static illustration.
Brain Facts and Figures: Typical Data
Cerebrospinal Fluid - Basic Introduction
Cortical Neuron Net Database of Electrophysiological Information
Describing cortical neurons and their characteristic responses to somatosensory and other stimuli
Electrophysiology of the Neuron (Software Site for Book)
Ion Channel - Animation Movies
Ion Channel - Ligand Gated Database
Link List - Microglia
Link List - Physiology and Biophysics (WWW Virtual Library)
Molecular Art By David Goodsell
Myelin Sheath Cartoon-like illustration
Neuron and Cell Properties Database
Data regarding membrane channels, receptor and neurotransmitters that are expressed in specific types of cells. The database is presently focused on neurons but will eventually include other cell types, such as glia, muscle, and gland cells.
Neuron Models Database
Location for storing and efficiently retrieving compartmental neuron models
Neuron Simulation Software (excellent and extensive)
Neuronal Databases from SenseLab
Collection of databases on neuronal properties. Includes neuronal and olfactory databases.
Neuronal Morphology Examples
Neuroscience for Kids: Numerous Basic Explanations, Demos and Links
Patch Clamp Animation and Illustration (from Cells Alive)
Synapse Animation
Synaptic Transmission, A Four Step Process
Outstanding Multimedia Neuroscience Education Project extended presentation concentrating in detail on four steps: synthesis, release, postsynaptic reception and inactivation. Includes animated movies.
Visual Receptive Field Tutorial