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American Autonomic Society
American Clinical Neurophysiology Society
American Society of Neurophysiological Monitoring
Biopsychology Related Animations
Slide shows on receptive fields. volley principle, stretch reflex, control systems theory
Brain Facts and Figures: Typical Data
Brain Structure-Function Interactive Map for Patients
Cerebrospinal Fluid - Basic Introduction
Complex Systems Introduction
Articles and tutorials on all aspects of AI, self-organization and complexity. Very useful.
Cortical Neuron Net Database of Electrophysiological Information
Describing cortical neurons and their characteristic responses to somatosensory and other stimuli
Feedback, Simple-type Applet
Handedness and Brain Lateralization in Primates
Link List - Claude E. Shannon, 1916-2001
The father of modern information theory
Link List - Mainly teaching sites
Link List - Physiology and Biophysics (WWW Virtual Library)
Mathematical Theory of Communication by Claude Shannon
PDF of the original 1948 classic paper that started modern information theory approaches
Muscle - List (human)
By name, function and linked diagram
Neuroimaging of Human Brain Function
National Academy Press colloquium
Neuroscience for Kids: Numerous Basic Explanations, Demos and Links
Physiology - Lateral Interactions in the Cortex: Structure and Function
Multi-authored collection of articles at the research level
Physiology Of The Human Body - The Brain
Brief summary of brain regions and functions
Primate Handedness and Brain Lateralization
Various material that is research oriented, including an online test
Variability in Brain Function and Behavior
An interesting treatment (a Web Article)
Visual Receptive Field Tutorial