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American Academy of Pain Management
American Academy of Pain Medicine
American Pain Society
American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians
Brain Gym International
Hand Nerves Illustrated
Homunculus - Image inside the Sperm
Homunculus - Interactive Demonstration
A Science Odyssey: You Try It - Probe the Brain
Homunculus - The Other One
Article on preformist theory
Homunculus Simulation - Probe the Brain
Link List - Pain - Resources for Patients
Muscle - Fiber Hierarchy
Muscle - List : Description for the Human Body
Muscle - List (human)
By name, function and linked diagram
Muscles in Action (Quick Time Movies)
Pain - Lecture From a Course
Physiology - Neurobiology of Pain - Online Textbook
National Academy of Science Colloquium
Somatosensory System Lecture Notes
Touch Receptor Two Point Discrimination Exercise (K-12)
What Does Your"Homunculus"Look Like?