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Affective Computing from MIT Media Lab
Computing that relates to emotions
Alan Turing Informational Page
Association for Computing Machinery
Association for Telecommunication Professionals in Higher Education (ACUTA)
Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education
Atlas of Cyberspaces
Visualizations of the internet
BotSpot - List of All Bots
AI-type robots that attempt interactive, natural-language communication with Web users
Using the web to persuade
Center for Global Communications, Japan
CIO Magazine
Coalition for Networked Information (CNI)
Cognitive Modeling ACT-R System (Anderson)
Computer Science Bibliographies
Computer Vision Syndrome: Ergonomics of Computer Use
Computer-Mediated Communication
Computing - C++ - Online Text
Computing Dictionary
Digital Libraries Information
Electronic Libraries Programme
Consortium of digital library projects
ELIZA - AI Therapy Program
The original, interactive computer simulation formatted for the Web
Excel to Address Labels
Government Technology
Online technology resource for State and local governments
Heuristics for User Interface Design
Ten usability principles by Nielson
How Users Read on the Web
Important study by Jakob Nielson.
Intelligent Agents - agentland
AI-type robots that attempt interactive, natural-language communication with Web users
International Neural Network Society
Java Applets for Neural Networks and AI
Link List - AI Research Groups and Resources
Link List - AI Resources on the Web
Link List - Artificial Intelligence (WWW Virtual Library)
Link List - Artificial Life
Computer generated lifelike-entity research
Link List - Chatterbot resources
AI-type robots that attempt interactive, natural-language communication with Web users
Link List - Claude E. Shannon, 1916-2001
The father of modern information theory
Link List - Human-Computer Interaction Resources
Link List - Pattern Recognition Resources on the Web
Link List - Philosophy of Minds and Machines
Strong on AI and cognitive science
Mapping Complex Networks
Mathematical Theory of Communication by Claude Shannon
PDF of the original 1948 classic paper that started modern information theory approaches
Interactive project to develop a database of human knowledge
Media based online stories
National Telecommunications Information Association (NTIA)
NSF - Computer, Information Sciences and EngineeringDirectorate
Funds assistive technology porjects as well as other computer related areas
Psychology of Menu Selection
Online text
Singularity Institute for AI
Tools for Thought by Howard Rheingold
Chapter 1
University of Denver School of Communication