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Achromotopsia Network
All Kinds of Minds: Children Who Learn Differently
ALS Association - Patient Oriented Information
Alternative Medicine - National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NIH)
Alternative Medicine - Web Resources
Alzheimer's Association - Patient Oriented Information
American Association of Suicidology
American Tinnitus Association
Body Mass Index Illustrations
Brain and Nervous System Disease Information (from MEDLINEplus)
Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Information
Brain Structure-Function Interactive Map for Patients
Brain Tumor Primer
American Brain Tumor Assoc. layperson's publication
Center for Disease Control Health Topics A to Z
Cerebral Palsy Information
Cholesterol Information from American Heart Association
Computer Vision Syndrome: Ergonomics of Computer Use
Disease Information Database from DynaMed (extensive)
Disease Oriented Brain Information
Articles(pdf format) from publications of the Dana Foundation
Drug Descriptions and Side-effects
Drugs - Generic and Brandname Information (from MEDLINEplus)
Drugs - Psychoactive Drugs Patient Primer
Eating Attitudes Test
eMedicine World Medical Library
ebooks online, disease information and more
Endoscopy Gastrointestinal Videos
Epilepsy Foundation Patient Oriented Information
Evidence Based Medicine Information at Cochrane collaborative
Abstracts of research based studies on various mmedical conditions
Exercise Prescription from ExRx
EXCELLENT-Extensive descriptions of exercises ans stretches targeted at each muscle.
Eye - Refractive Surgery information
Eyes and Vision Consumer Guide
Foot Web: Foot Treatment Information Resource
Foundation Fighting Blindness
Formerly RP foundation, now deals with all degenerative visual diseases
Genes and Behavior
Information about mental conditions and behaviors for which genes are implicated
Geriatrics and Aging - Information and Links
Included various medical conditions by name
Handspeak Site for Visual Languages
Healing the Hole in Your Heart
A self-help book on the Psychotherapy of Anger, Power and intimacy by Jon Rifkin, a licensed clinical psychologist
Health AtoZ: The Search Engine for Health and Medicine
VERY GOOD - nicely formatted, reviewed and annotated hotlist that remains up-to-date
Health On the Net Foundation
Health On the Net Foundation (HON)
This site, dedicated to realising the benefits of the Internet in medicine and healthcare, includes a search engine
Health-Related Hoaxes and Rumor Information from CDC
Producer of commercial online health info packages
Heart and Stroke A-Z Guide from American Heart Association
Irritable Bowel Syndrome Association
Leadership Medica
Online Journal of eclectic medically related articles
Link List - Alternative Medicine - Treatment Analysis
Health Care Reality Check
Link List - Disease and Health Information from MEDLINEplus
Excellent starting point
Link List - Eye Disease Information (MEDLINEplus)
Link List - Medical and Health Glossaries Online
Extensive list of over 1000 items, including many in languages other than English
Link List - Medical Networked Information Search
Moderated choice of web resources
Link List - Neurology for Laypersons
Link List - Neurosurgery On-Call
American Association of Neurosurgeon comprehensive information site for both professional and public
Link List - Post-Polio Task Force Information Center
Link List - Stroke - Resources
Mayo Clinic Medical Information
Medical Encyclopedia
Excellent. Extensive collection of basic information on medicine and related biology.
Medical Image and Factoid Database (MedPix)
Strongly radiology oriented
Medical Image Database (extensive)
Organized by disease category or location
Medical Matrix Comprehensive Site Lists
Medical World Search
Comprehensive, well chosen links with good depth. Requirs paid registration.
Medicine - Geriatrics Merck Manual - Online Textbook
Medicine - Handbook of Diagnostics - Online Textbook
Merck Manual of Diagnostics and Therapeutics is an exhaustive, concise guide to all medical problems (Merck)
Medicine - Merck Manual Online
Medical diagnosis tool
Medline - PubMed Direct from NIH
The source all other Medline gateways use. Has many valuable features. (My vote for A Best Use of Taxpayer Money Award.)
MEDLINEplus Health Information from NIH
***** Health, disease and drug information presented by the National Library of medicine at a level intended for non-specialist consumers.
Daily medical updates and numerous medicine related services including some free online journals.
MEDtropolis - Virtual Body Systems in Flash
Good Illustrations
Mental Conditions: Patient Oriented Information from PsyWeb
Mental Health Encyclopedia
Mood conditions, Depression and Panic Disorders: Basic Patient Information
National Health Information Center
Extensive resource links
National Multiple Sclerosis Society - Patient Oriented Information
NIH VideoCasting of Seminars and Events
Online realtime conferences and lectures from NIH, including archives.
Nutritional Information Calculator Tool for Various Foods
Excellent resource that is very complete
Operation descriptions and some videos.
Oregon Hearing Research Center
Resident's Quick Lookup Handbook
Resource Center at Family Village ***
COMPREHENSIVE: Resources and communication opportunities for persons with cognitive and other disabilities, their families and service providers. Includes resources on specific diagnoses, adaptive technology, recreation, education, worship, health, etc.
Strabismus and Eye Deviations
Patient oriented explanations
Tardive Dyskinesia Information
Tinnitus FAQ
Traumatic Brain Injury - Resource Guide
See Glossary and Brain Map Information pages for good basic material on agnosia and brain functions by region
U.S. Food and Drug Administration
Virtual Naval Hospital
Much treatment information online
WaterAid America - clean water for all
Web of Addictions