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Professor Mark Dubin - University of Colorado
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Current Research Interests

My current interests most broadly involve cognitive science and cognitive neuroscience.

Specificially, I use an Immersive Virtual Environment (commonly referred to as a CAVE) to explore the uses of virtual reality in cognition and rehabilitation. I work at UCB's BP Center for Visualization where I am also Director for Academic Development. My work involves attempts to understand the circumstances and parameters that make full-scale immersive virtual reality a useful way to visualize and understand information and also make it a useful tool for rehabilitation of cognitive decline after injury, in progressive brain diseases, and in the presence of developmental disorders.

Please click to download these one-page PDF files to learn more about my work:

Description of the Academic Research Program at the BP Center

Visual Cognition in Alzheimer's Disease

Rehabilitation - Virtual Skiing Trainer

Assistive Technology Design - Tractor Entry

Molecular Visualization

Embodied Cognition in 3D VR

Virtual Field Trip - Mesa Verde

In my work participate in the Cognitive Lever Project in the Center for LifeLong Learning and Design (L3D), which is involved in developing compter-based assistive technology for persons with cognitive disabilities. 

Previous Research Interests

My past research in neuroscience involved the function and development of the vertebrate visual system. The papers related to that work are included in my CV.