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Festival Aéro-Scène Longueuil: 2010

Longueuil, Quebec; April 24, 2009

To whom it may concern,

We are currently working with Daniel Gélinasone of the most respected producer in Canada, multi-awarded (men of the year 2008 in province of Quebec) General Manager of Quebec City 400th anniversary on a very innovative project which is the very first international Airship annual reunion in Canada. The purpose of this letter is to ask your support for this festival, called Festival Aéro-Scène Longueuil.

First let us introduce the project. As you probably know, Montreal St-Hubert Longueuil Airport was in 1930 the only base for the R-100 in Canada. At its first and only visit the R-100 attracted more than 1.5 million visitors. Our festival would first commemorate this unique event. Also historically the now merged city of Longueuil and Saint-Hubert are into the Air and Space industry since eight decades. Companies such as Héroux-Devtek, which built the LEM legs in the sixties Pratt & Withney which has 2 plans in the region and more recently the Canadian Space Agency (which directs the Canadiarm on the International Space Station) are established in the new Longueuil agglomeration. Longueuil is located on the South Shore of the Saint-Lawrence River, just across Montreal, with a population of around 3 millions.

Our project already has official support from mayor Claude Gladu, (mayor of Longueuil, the main South Shore city with its 380 000 habitants) the Symphony Orchestra of Longueuil, the Aérovision Foundation, Mr Jacques Spencer of Développement Économique Longueuil(an economic development agency) as well as leaders of the Airport of Montreal St-Hubert Longueuil and DASH-L.. What we need now, to enter a more commercial phase, is to show to potential investors the interest of the airship community.

The first edition of this great festival would last 4 days at the end of the summer 2010.  The main element would be the first international gathering of airships to be held in Canada. Year 2010 has been chosen, because, as we said, it would enable us to commemorate the 80 years of the arrival of airship R-100C in St-Hubert. This event was, for Canada, the most outstanding pride of first half of the 20th century.

The festival would allow public to visit, in an open day, the different enterprises dedicated to the world of aviation and aeronautics. Also a large part of the event would be popular and family oriented shows which would culminate each year by a symphonic and multi-media concert featuring the Symphony Orchestra of Longueuil and many other artists.  The themes of those manifestations would be the air world. Ultimately we want to use some Airship as screens for multimedia.

You will find the details of our request in appendix.
We hope to be able to count on your support; we will be expecting your answer at your earliest convenience. As you can see your interest in this project and its birth will be of a great help to put airships on the map for a greater public. We believe this festival can live and expand over the years, we would be very proud to count you in to be the founder supporters of this great event.

Thank you for your attention,
Please receive our best greetings.
Pierre Gagnon, Johanne Relletier

Appendix: Airship Associations and others

As we want to promote the Airship Industry in particular and the Aviation Industry. We want the public to be aware of all the museums, associations and innovations, as well as to encounter the men behind those magnificent ships, pilots and engineers.

Can you help us to promote our festival? How? Can you come and attend our event in September 2010 to promote your association or your museum on site?

Appendix: Airship pilots, consulting

We also need pilots and consultants with experience to help us manage the visit of the largest possible number of Airships? If you do have that kind of experience, please send us a service offer including your service rates.

Services needed

  1. Take charge of the Airships venue.
  2. Visit our site as soon as we have an official one. Go on board the project.
  3. Be the bridge between the Airships owner and the airport authorities, the Airships parking organisation, the official sponsors and the advertising Airships Company and the festival board of direction.
  4. Visit the organisation every time it’s needed during the pre-production of the festival (once every 2 month until June 2010 and then as needed till the festival is done) 
  5. Be on site during the duration of the festival to assure the delivery of all the services required by the Airships venue.

World Sky Race / 2010

The World Sky Race™ is an historic tour and competition of lighter-than-air skyships racing 30,000+ miles. In sixteen back-to-back races that completely span the globe, the winner will be crowned World Sky Champion.

In their quest, the competing skyships will travel from the Greenwich Prime Meridian southward to Africa and the Middle East, across the Indian Ocean to Equatorial Asia and through the Orient, island hop across the Pacific to the western shores of North America, down to Central America, up to the North Atlantic and crossing back to Prime Meridian for an exciting finish in an historic race, completing a full global circumnavigation.

Past events

6th International Airship Convention
3 August 2006; London, England

The Convention theme is "Airships -- Evolution and Operations" and will be held at the Victory Services Club, near Marble Arch, London on Thursday, 3rd August 2006.

It is a one-day event, to be held 300 metres from Marble Arch in the centre of London. We have kept down the delegate price to the minimum (see 1.2 MB pdf brochure) and special cheap-rate accommodation is available at the venue for those who want to stay, including their families who might like to sight-see London and its environs (see page 2 of brochure).
All speakers are by invitation only and are leaders in the field of manufacture and operation.  
I hope that some of you will be able to attend. You can book on-line on our web site Airship Shop (details on the brochure).

Arnold Nayler

AIRSHIP ASSOCIATION: Annual General Meeting 2005
20 April 2005; London, England

The Annual General Meeting of the Airship Association will be held on Wednesday 20th April 2005 at The Royal Institute of British Architects, 66 Portland Place, London W1B 1AD - the nearest Underground station is Regents Park on the Bakerloo Line. Click here for a map of the location: RIBA.

All members are welcome to attend. Guests are also welcome but they are not entitled to vote on official business.

Doors open at 6pm for refreshments. The AGM begins at 6.30pm and will be followed by a members' meeting featuring an illustrated presentation entitled: "The Transfer of the Zeppelin NT-07 to Japan" to be given by Dr Bernd Straeter, Chief Executive of Zeppelin Luftschifftechnik.

Airships to the Arctic III Symposium
May 31 to June 2, 2005; Winnipeg, Manitoba

Sustainable Northern Transportation

An international race has emerged for leadership in the development of a new generation of airships. This is very good news for northern Canada and for other inaccessible regions of the world. Airships could offer lower costs and fewer negative side effects than the construction of all-weather roads through sparsely populated territories.

The University of Manitoba Transport Institute is proud to announce the third Airships to the Arctic symposium for May 31 to June 2, 2005 at Winnipeg, Manitoba. Five airship developers are coming to Manitoba to brief the business community on the future of passenger, freight and remotely controlled airships: 21st Century Airships, Ohio Airships, Zeppelin, HAC, and Delcon (the former CargoLifter). Input suppliers will discuss new materials and control systems that are being used in the next generation of airships.

Climate change in the Arctic and the boreal forest zone is giving new impetus for the demand for airships. Milder winters are limiting the season of temporary ice roads built over lakes and muskeg. Concerns are also rising that warmer climates may lead to massive forest fires that could threaten aboriginal settlements. Airships, which can provide year-round transport to remote and inaccessible regions, offer a new means to deal with the impacts of climate change. Conference speakers include experts on climate change and emergency response, representatives from the Northern communities and shippers representing mining, energy development, food products, construction/heavy lift sectors and the military.

Manitoba offers a strategic location for trans-shipment to the North, and an inviting place for the airship industry to establish. The Manitoba aerospace cluster includes expertise in the assembly and repair of engines, manufacture and fabrication of composite components, and is an ideal site for cold weather testing and certification. Located at the edge of the highly industrialized heartland of North America, Manitoba is the gateway to the Arctic landmass. Increasingly airships are viewed as a means of unlocking Canada’s storehouse of mineral and energy wealth. Speakers will address these topics and many others.

The 2005 conference venue is the Fort Garry Hotel at Winnipeg. Visit to download the proceedings of previous symposiums, or for more information contact Sharon Cohen at (204) 474-7072 (direct) or 474-9842 (Transport Institute reception).

2005 Naval Airship Association REUNION
8-11 September 2005; Portland, Oregon USA


TELE: 800-643-7340

COST : $89/DAY INCLUDING TAX (Make your own reservations with the hotel) Mention the NAA reunion. Registration for the reunion will be $70 per person. This includes reception and banquet.

Send REUNION Payment to: John Kane, 2 Maryhill Dr, St Louis, MO 63124-1357.

Program: 8th Reception 1800 Casual Dress-Heavy hors d'oeuvres-Cash bar

Friday: 9th Bus trip to NAS TILLAMOOK, WWII LTAS base, plus trip to Tillamook cheese factory. Museum admission, lunch and guided tour $16.95
per person.

Saturday: 10th Bus trip to see the Howard Hughes "Spruce Goose". Admission $6. Also tour the American Blimp Corp (Lightship)

SUNDAY: 11TH Members meeting, Banquet Reception 1800, Dinner 1900

We have reserved 70 rooms so don't delay making reservations.

5th International Airship Convention & Exhibition
19-22 August 2004, UK

DGLR Workshop VII
25-26 June 2004
LTA-Systems as Platforms for Measurements, Observation and Communication
Aeronauticum, Nordholz, Germany

DGLR Commitee S2.3 Flight Systems Lighter Than Air
Dipl.- Ing. Mathias Mandel
phone: ++49 531/2359 - 211 email:
Dr.- Ing. Thorsten Lutz
phone: ++49 711 / 685 - 3406 email:

Colloque International Aerall
29-30 January 2004
“Des Dirigeables pour l'Humanité Pour une stratégie de développement du Dirigeable”

6 rue Galilée, 75016 Paris, France
contact: Christine Dufrénois
tel: 01-43-61-74-30
Presentations in English and in French - all sessions include simultaneous translation.

15th AIAA LTA TC Conference & Exhibition
17-19 November 2003, Denver, Colorado, USA

Combined with: 3rd AIAA Aviation, Technology, Integration, and Operations (ATIO) Forum: An Aviation System for the 2nd Century of Flight.

29th Joint Airship Symposium with the Royal Aeronautical Society
4 November 2003, London, UK

The venue is The Royal Aeronautical Society, 4 Hamilton Place, London W1 which is at the bottom of Park Lane just below the Hilton Hotel.

Airships to the Arctic II Symposium
21-23 October 2003, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

The University of Manitoba Transport Institute will host a circumpolar symposium to explore the airship industry. Leading experts and developers are coming to Manitoba to brief the business community on the future of airships for this location.

Great Blimp Meet: Dayton, Ohio
11-13 July 2003

A free signature event of the Inventing Flight Celebration, will take place on the grounds of the United States Air Force Museum. The meet could possibly set the world record for the largest number of blimps in one location since World War II – five blimps are already confirmed and more are in the works!

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