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The Blimp Goes to War ... Again (Atlantis Productions, 1997)
Produced by Richard Van Treuren at Atlantis Productions. This detailed video includes quotations from the logbooks of various U-boat commanders. There is a considerable amount of unique footage and photos. This video is available in both North American and European (PAL) formats and is available directly from:

Atlantis Productions
PO Box 700
Edgewater, FL

The Blimp is Back! (WBGH / (PBS, 1991)
Today scientists are hard at work erasing the image of a dangerous, explosive zeppelin and replacing it with innovative aircraft of untold possibilities. Soar to new heights and discover for yourself the wonders of the modern blimp. Covers the history of LTA and the recent blimp manufacturers, including Cyclo-Crane, Skyships, American Blimp Corporation, and Heliostat.

Brute Force: Airships (The History Channel / A&E, 1993)
Looks at the military role airships have played as flying aircraft carriers, in anti-submarine warfare, etc .

Flying the Blimp (NOVA, 1996?)
"Thanks to an unflappable band of enthusiasts, airships are back in some suprising new guises, from anti-terrorist operations in London to biological tours of the rain forest canopy." An historic overview of airships.

Giant of the Sky: The Comeback of the Zeppelins (Vidicom, 1997)
60 years after the "Hindenburg" disaster in Lakehurst, the next generation of dirigible airships is ready for take-off. Let us take you aboard! Experience, in 54 exciting minutes, the most distinguished way of travelling the skies.

The Hindenburg (The History Channel / A&E, 1996)
The great passenger airship set in historical context. First broadcast 21 Jan 96. VHS: 1-800-423-1212.

Hindenburg: An American Story (Jim Meyers Film Enterprises, El Cajon, CA, 1992)
The history of airship Hindenburg from the point of view of Harold G. Dick, the liaison between the Goodyear Zeppelin Corporation of Akron, Ohio and the German owners of the Hindenburg. He was involved in building the Hindenburg and made numerous flights in the Hindenburg and the Graf Zeppelin. Includes the disasterous accident at an airfield in New Jersey. VHS (100 min.) : soundcolor /b&w

Hindenburg Disaster? (Discovery Channel, 199?)
Spirit of Survival series. Anyone have information on this one?

Hindenburg Disaster: What Happened at Lakehurst? (Vidicom, 1997)
With spectacular historic footage, the moving stories of eye witnesses, and elaborately colorized sequences of authentic black-and-white material, and recent research, this documentary reveals a truth that has been covered up for many years: The "infallible" German engineers had designed a flying bomb just waiting to explode.

Giant of the Sky: The Return of the Zeppelins (Vidicom, 1997)
In addition to recapping the information in Hindenburg Disaster, this video goes on to detail the story behind the new Zeppelin-NT project.

Lighter-Than-Air (Series): Silent Bombers / Down in Flames / Explorers & Rivals (History Channel, 1996)
Explorers & Rivals: Follows the adventures of such pathfinders as Salomon Andree, Walter Wellman, Roald Amundsen, Umberto Nobile, Joe Kittenger and many more. Broadcast September 1996. First installment of the series was initially broadcast 4 April 1996.

Modern Marvel: Airships (History Channel)
Filled with archival footage, expert interviews and up-close looks at famous airships, this is a buoyant journey through the history of the largest machines ever to take flight.

Revealed ... The Hindenburg Mystery (Five/Moondance Films, 2002)
"Investigates the most famous air accident in history with an international team of experts using the latest scientific methods to re-examine evidence that has survived."

Rubber Planes (Discovery Channel, 199?)
A "Wings" episode which includes Goodyear blimp footage from the 1960s and 80s.

Weapons of War: Airships (The History Channel, 1996)
An intriguing account of the German Zeppelin Bomber, the U.S.S. Los Angeles, and other airships that captured the imagination of engineers and military brass around the world. Broadcast 1&6 April 1996.

White Diamond (Marco Polo Film AG, 2004)
Released as a feature film. A helium filled balloon journeys of the rainforest of Guyana. Stunning. Directed by Werner Herzog.

Zurück zum Zeppelin (Format NZZ, 1996)
Der «Riese der Lüfte» ist wieder da: In Friedrichshafen am Bodensee steht der erste Zeppelin der Nachkriegszeit kurz vor der Vollendung - nicht so gross wie die legendäre «Hindenburg», aber immerhin so lang wie ein Jumbo-Jet. Mit neuer Technik sollen die Luftschiffe für Forschung und Tourismus eingesetzt werden. Neben dem Bericht zum heutigen Zeppelin: Historische Filmaufnahmen, Reminiszenzen von ehemaligen Besatzungsmitgliedern und ein Blick in das neu eröffnete Zeppelin-Museum.

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British Pathe search their data base for "airship", dirigible", "zeppelin", etc.

Does anyone remember the "Wings Over the World" episode devoted to "Giants of the Sky"? For current aviation videos available in the UK, check "Fly Past" or "Aeroplane".

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