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If you know of a LTA-related work of fiction, let me know via the address below.

Lucien Agniel. Zeppelin
NY -- Paperback Library -- 1971
Novelization of film of same title.

Fenton Ash. By Airship to Ophir
London -- John F. Shaw -- [19??]

Ralph Henry Barbour. The Lost Dirigible
NY -- Appleton & Co.-- 1920

Joseph Byly. Gospel Blimp
Haverton, PA -- Windward Press -- 1960 LCCN: 60-53018
A preacher flies around spreading the news? Can someone describe this one?

John Brosnan. War of the Sky Lords
London -- VGSF -- 1990 (The Sky Lords trilogy, vol.2)
Reprint; originally published - London: Gollancz; 1989

Edgar Rice Bouroughs. Tarzan at the Earth's Core
No. 13 in the Tarzan series features a trip to inner earth via an opening in the north pole in a rigid airship that used a vacuum instead of a lift gas.

Franklin W. Dixon. Castaways of the Stratosphere
New York -- Grosset & Dunlap -- 1935

Rowan Partridge. ZRS
ISBN 0-9639743-4-3 Softcover
A rigid airship in WWII in the Pacific.

Philip Jose Farmer. Adventure of the Peerless Peer
Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson visiting Tarzan via airship.

Philip Jose Farmer. Greatheart
The main character is a Zeppelin pilot and the final story (of 3)can only be described as a Monty Python skit gone berserk on a Zeppelin.

Philip Jose Farmer. Dark Design
Also in the third Riverworld book, THE DARK DESIGN, most of the book deals with building a zeppelin from the scarce materials they have.

Ronald Florence. Zeppelin
NY -- Arbor House -- 1982
A few years before WW2, an American airship captain commands the Graf Zeppelin from Rio to Berlin and back again in a tale of adventure, intrigue, suspicion, romance, and excitement. Accurate era and technical descriptions form the backdrop to this gem of a novel. The best novel about Zeppelins I've read. Yo! Cameron, Spielberg -- option this one! -- John

Kipling, Rudyard. short stories: With the Night Mail / As Easy as A.B.C.

William Le Queux. The Zeppelin Destroyer: Being some Chapters of Secret History
London -- Hodder & Stoughton -- 1916

Hugh McAlister. The Flight of the Silver Ship: Around the World aboard a Giant Dirigible
Akron, Ohio -- Saalfield -- c1930

Elsie McCutcheon. Summer of the Zeppelin
London -- Puffin -- 1984
Reprint; originally published - London: Dent; 1983.

Michael Moorcock. The Warlord of the Air
NY -- Daw Books -- 1971, 1978
A world where the airship rules instead of the airplane. Fictionally proports to be a lost manuscript written in 1903 by Mr. Moorcock's grandfather which he has published.

Oppel, Kenneth. Airborn (airship trilogy)
Firewing Productions -- 2004, ISBN 0-06-053180-0

Oppel, Kenneth. Skybreaker (airship trilogy)
NY -- Eos -- 2006, 0060532270

Oppel, Kenneth. Starclimber (airship trilogy)
NY -- HarperTeen -- 2008, 0060850574

Philip Pullman. The Golden Compass
NY -- Alfred A. Knopf -- 1996
The story takes place in a parallel universe to ours in which the airship plays a significant role. Labeled a children's book, it is more than that.

Gary Allen Ruse. A Game of Titans
London -- Sphere -- 1976, ISBN: 0722175388
A cold war story with a 25 million cf nuclear powered airship (Air Force, but Navy designation would be ZRV)

Harry Turtledove & Richard Dreyfus. The Two Georges
NY -- ? -- 1997
Alternative history in which the U.S. lost the Revolutionary War and fleets of Zeppelins ply the sky on normal commercial runs between Chicago and New York!

H. G. Wells. The War in the Air
A cataclysmic world war in which Germany attacks Britain and manags to send a fleet of airships across the Atlantic and capture New York nearly unimpeded.

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