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Passenger Flights

SkyCruise Airship Skycruise Switzerland

tel: +41 52 354 59 70
fax: +41 52 354 59 71


Zeppelin NT

Zeppelin Luftschifftechnik GmbH

tel: +49 (7541) 2-02-515
fax: +49 (7541) 2-02-516



Book: Althoff. Althoff. U.S.S. Los Angeles. The Navy's Venerable Airship and Aviation Technology. Here is the complete history of the U.S. Navy's most successful airship, built by the Zeppelin Company.

Botting. Dr. Eckner's Dream Machine. Tells the enthralling story of the development of the zeppelin - one of the great inventions of aviation history and one of the most spectacular technological marvels of its age.

Book: De Syon. De Syon. Zeppelin! Germany and the Airship 1900-1939. Book presents a witty and insightful history of this technological wonder, from development and production to its impact on German culture and society.

Book: Dick & Robinson. Dick & Robinson. Graf Zeppelin & Hindenburg: Golden Age of the Great Passenger Airships. Drawing on extensive material he collected during his five years at the Zeppelin Company from 1934 through 1938, Harold Dick tells the story of the two great passenger Zeppelins. Against the background of German secretiveness, Dick's accumulation of material and pictures is extraordinary. Highly recommended!

Donkin. Zeppelin: The Age of the Airship. Explore the triumphs and tragedies of the age of the great airships, from their invention by "crazy" Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin to their decline after the Hindenburg disaster. Ages 7 and up.

Hedin. The Zeppelin Reader. Vivid accounts of the legendary figures... von Zeppelin, Eckener, Santos-Dumont; memoirs, logs, journals... of the crews, journalists and survivors.

Hyde. The First Blitz: 1917-1918: The German Bomber Campaign Against Britain in the First World War. Although usually associated with WWII, German raids on Britain began with Zeppelin attacks early in World War I.

Majoor. Inside the Hindenburg. Ken Marschall's breathtakingly realistic paintings by depict the Hindenburg -- greatest airship ever to fly -- and its final journey. Designed for young readers but interesting for all.

Pace, Montgomery & Zitarosa. Naval Air Station, Lakehurst. This photo-essay explores the famed Naval Air Station at Lakehurst from 1917 to the early 1970s. Images cover all eras of its rich history: first as a Proving Ground, then as an airship station, and most recently as a Naval test site. A gem.

Robinson. The Zeppelin in Combat: A History of the German Naval Airship Division 1912-1918. New photos from original war-era negatives and newly-released documentation from British archives on Zeppelin operations over England. 300 photos, 320 pgs. Authoratative!

Shock. American Airship Bases and Facilities. Tons of info and diagrams about handling rigid airships, with closeup details on everything from the ZRS stern beam to the Ford high mast, every hangar ever built by anybody, the little- known Army airship program, Navy timber hangars and airships even in France during WWII, maps of locations by era, etc. etc. Details of construction, ground handling and a view of what the sites are like today.
Shock. US Army Airships: 1908-1942. Begins with the Army Airship Service in the Balloon Corps where soldier-airmen tested and operated a diverse fleet of pressure airships.
Shock. US Navy Airships: 1915-1962. Here in one volume are the separate histories of all Navy airships - including the great rigid dirigibles and their hook-on planes.
Shock & Smith. The Goodyear Airships. This third-edition explores the 80-year history of Goodyear-built and operated advertising, military and rigid airships. Includes the entertaining and educational text from the earlier editions and also contains new material, color photo sections and a color foldout cutaway illustration.
Stephenson. Zeppelins: German Airships 1900-40. Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin's first airship, the LZ 1, flew on July 2, 1900. Here, you'll trace this rich history from inception, to the crash of the Hindenburg, to zeppelins in WWII.
Toland. The Great Dirigibles. Daring flights of early pioneers, descriptions of great American airships and much more, beginning with pioneer invention by Dr. Solomon Andrews in 1865 and ending with the Hindenburg crash in 1937.
Topping & Brothers. When Giants Roamed the Sky. From Zeppelin in Germany to Goodyear in Ohio, Karl Arnstein participated in the design and development of more airships than any other engineer.
Trimble. Jerome C. Hunsaker and the
Rise of American Aeronautics
Hunsaker's cumulative effect on both American aeronautics and engineering is immense. This meticulous chronicle of Hunsaker's six decades in aeronautics traces both his incredible accomplishments and dispiriting setbacks. His career truly parallels the rise of aviation in America.
Van Treuren & Bain. Hindenburg / Hydrogen: The Wrong Paint, The Right Fuel. Examines and debunks the myths surrounding the Hindenburg disaster. Significant research.
Ypres. Airfields & Airmen. The Royal Naval Air Service attempted to intercept Germany's Zeppelins and early long-range bombers before they could reach the skies over London.


The Hindenburg. George C. Scott and Anne Bancroft star in this film about a plot to destroy the German zeppelin before it reaches New Jersey in 1937. Marvelous recreation of the Hindenburg and the feeling of flight.


Fox. D-LZ 129 Hindenburg. Detailed, black and white charcoal pencil lithograph shows the famed German airship, of which more than 300 were built. This highly collectible print is 20"x 16" including border with title. Detailed, black and white charcoal pencil lithograph


Hindenburg Display Model. Remarkable, museum-quality model re-creates the Hindenburg as she appeared in 1937. Featuring a silk-stretched wood frame, this hand-assembled model has 600 joints, has a surface sheen that replicates the appearance of the powdered aluminum and varnish finish of the original, and measures an impressive 44 ¼" long with a 9" diameter. Arrives ready to hang. Very impressive!
Graf Zeppelin LZ-127 Sculpture Kit. Photo-etched stainless steel pieces easily assemble into a dramatic aircraft sculpture that is sure to impress! Requires a modeling knife, metal cutter, tweezers and epoxy adhesive to assemble your own museum quality display piece. Display stand included. 9" long when complete. Marvelous!


Poster. Graf Zeppelin. While the Empire State Building was indeed built with a dirigible mooring mast at its pinnacle, this image is, alas, just the vision of a future that never came. This idea is incorporated in the 2004 "Sky Captain" movie.


Print: Chernev. Hindenburg - Ship of Dreams. 30"x 24" limited edition print is signed by the artist and Werner Franz, the lone surviving crewmember of the Hindenburg.


Sculpture: Zeppelin 3D Crystal. This unique display piece features a laser engraved design suspended within a solid piece of optically clear crystal. The image displays intricate detail when viewed from any angle and refracts colorful light beams in all directions - yet the surface of the cube remains perfectly smooth. Cube measures 3"x 1¾"x 1¾".


Sign: Airship Hindenburg / American Airlines. Porcelain-on-steel, enameled.


VHS. The American Zeppelins (Airship History Series). Tells the story of how the United States tried to keep up, first by trying to purchase airships overseas, then by building the "USS Shenandoah," a copy of a German Zeppelin.
VHS. The Hindenburg (History Channel). This is the complete story of the world's largest airship, from the struggles of its visionary creator, Count Zeppelin, to the theory that a bomb caused its destruction. Approx. 100 min.
VHS: Lighter than Air History: The Rigid Airships. From conception to first flight, from tragedy to triumph, this riveting documentary explores the early airships and their place as a catalyst for world travel from the 1920s-1940s. Originally designed to inform the public and promote peacetime use of these airships, this film features rare live footage capturing the behemoths taking flight.
VHS. LZ129: Hindenburg. Containing newsreels, outtakes, company films and private motion pictures, this collection features the Hindenburg in all of its finest moment.



A remarkable resource for all things pertaining to aviation! Books, models, videos, posters, etc.

Suggestions from the AIRSHIP-list

Airship postcards and stamps:

Go to a postcard collecting show or antique show and look for old ones. Prices vary a lot -- $5 to $50 and up. For added glamour, you could mat and frame the card(s).

Badges, medals, wings:

Pieces of History
P.O. Box 4470
Cave Creek, AZ 85331

Phone: 602-488-1377
Fax: 800-488-1316

Blimp banks:

Madeof diecast metal by SpecCast sound especially cool -- you can use them to save up your money for more airship stuff! There's a Budweiser, a Pepsi, and a Goodyear blimp. EVERS TOYS -- Dyersville, IA? -- 1-800-962-9481.

Blimp and cloud salt & pepper shaker set:

somewhere out there, seen on ebay of course

Blimp models, ready made

ZZ Modelle. Based in Germany, they manufacture 1/500 scale

Blimp tin toys

Bits & Pieces puzzle mail-order catalog is selling a set of two tin , suitable for use as curios or holiday ornaments.

Blimps, Hot Wheels / Mattel:

Goodyear and Fuji

Blimps: radio-controlled and free-flight indoor flying models

Powered by electric motors with batteries. They really do inflate with helium gas and they really do float in midair. Sold by numerous catalogs. Try these:


Die cast airships:

Eastwood Automobilia @ 800-343-9353. They also have an airship, one with Lionel markings, another with Pepsi markings, each costing $25. There is also a tin Pepsi sign featuring a picture of a Zeppelin.


I couldn't believe the number of items I found by doing a search under "Zeppelin". If I had an independent income, I could start a well-supplied museum with what I found here. If you wish to mention me in your will, I'd remember you forever.

Gift shops:

Moffet Field Museum, Mountain View, CA, has a great gift shop. There are T-shirts, mugs, models, you name it. I think they can describe things over the phone & mail them, and they're a great group of people.

Tillamook Naval Air Station Museum (Tillamook, Oregon) that someone else mentioned earlier: (503) 842-4553. I don't know whether their gift shop does mail order.

Goodyear Gift Center -- Akron, OH -- (330) 796-7117
Goodyear blimp mugs, watches, alarm clock (second hand is a blimp picture that circles the clock face!), inflatable blimp, pins, key chains, stickers, etc. Basically, you can order stuff that's really been made for Goodyear dealerships to give away or sell for promotional purposes. Their search function yields less than a hand full of items. You have to dig at this site.

Hot air balloon items:

Dreams Come True (Ohio) carries alot. Also has a few blimps items. They also have a web page. E-mail <>

LZ129 Hindenburg pocketknife:

Supposedly a copy of 1936 original. Three blades, has profile of ship on handle.

Bulldog Brand Knife Co.
PO Box 23522
Chattanooga, TN 37422



Light-Than-Air Society. Their web page is out there with joining info. Also, books on airships are great!! Some novelty shops and collector shops sell airship related items, but you really have to look for them. I've seen reproductions of metal sign plates that advertise American Airlines connecting flights with the Hindenburg, and old adverts for "Zeppelin Bread" with the slogan "Lighter than Air"! Very cool. Some places even sell the inflatable promotional blimps that you see in supermarkets with "Doritos" or "Bud Light" on them. They are very cool for a blimp collector!!

Naval Airship Association: Over 1400 members, most of whom served in the Navy LTA squadrons and bases from the 1930s to the 1960s. Quarterly newsletter is full of interesting history and present day developments.


"Zeppelin", starring Michael York and Elke Somner (1971 I think). The plot's not much, but there are many really nice visuals of the inside of a rigid airship. Any good video store should have it or be able to get it.

Another would be "The Hindenburg" starring George C. Scott. Revisionist history, but they spent a fortune on building the sets, so the visuals are spectacular. Pity they didn't spend the money building a real airship.

CHITTY-CHITTY BANG-BANG! Solid cast, sound performance, nifty plot -- and a FLYING reconstruction of a Lebaudy airship which even made Lord Ventris' estimable work. Did the producer of the HINDENBURG give you as much? Can you get ANY better than this? (Port out, starboard home, that's the trip for me!)

"Flying the Blimp" VHS at Sporty's Pilot Shop.

"The Rocketeer" on DVD!

Paper models

PAPER MODELS INTERNATIONAL -- Beaverton, OR -- (503) 646-4289
Card-weight paper model kits.

    Hindenburg, 1:500 scale (19"), with mooring mast and 1:200 scale model of passenger compartment, $7.95

    U.S.S. Macon, 1:350 scale (27"), with mooring mast and skyhook fighter plane

    Graf Zeppelin, 1:200 (48"), $30.00

    Graf Zeppelin, foil finish, 1:400 (23"), $30.00

    Airship Express (apparently a made-up design), 24", $17.00

Posters: Click on transportation, then on blimps. They have the finest collection of airship prints I have ever come across -- it is extensive.

Rubber stamps:

Airship & dirigibles, lots of them. ImaginAir Designs


Racing Teapots! The teapots can have any airship markings applied - free of charge to AIRSHIP-list members.

Tin plate reproductions of advertisement:

I have personally seen two. One is a reproduction advertising "Zeppelin Bread" with the slogan "Lighter than air" and one is a reproduction advertising American Airlines' connecting flights from Zeppelins.

I think the sign in question -- American Airlines & the Hindenburg (or was it the Graf Zeppelin?) -- is the one I saw in a recent Eastwood Automobilia catalog (they're not too strict about sticking to automobile stuff, obviously). I'm pretty sure catalogs are free for the asking at 1-800-343-9353. Ask for the collectibles catalog, specifically.


There is a California wine with the wonderful name of RED ZEPPELIN which might make a great gift. The label is a red background with a zeppelin imbedded nose first into a vineyard. The name is "RED ZEPPELIN California red table wine BON JORY RED 1993" back of label states the following" Dazed and confused, I crawled from the wreckage of the great airship. I dodged the burning barrels that rolled between the vines: Vasges, Allier, Jupilles. I felt like a great wolverine on Grenache.... [signed] Bon Jorey" and "we welcome your questions or com ments. write us at Jory Winery, PO Box 1496 Lod Gatos CA 95031. 800-347-2134" Priced at around $10 in Washington DC area. Have not tasted it yet, waiting for that special occasion.

Zeppelin diner model

Painted cast resin, 6.75" long at EASTWOOD AUTOMOBILIA -- Pennsylvania -- 1-800-343-9353.

Zeppelin pens:

Levenger catalog (Fall 1996) is offering some lovely-looking (I haven't bought them) A fountain pen is $139, a roller ball $129, and ink is available (bottled or cartridged; the fountain pen uses both). The fountain pen is available in broad, medium, and fine widths.

The catalog's number is 1-800-544-0880, and it's at The fountain pen is part number APP400; the roller ball APP410.

The pen was apparently commissioned by the Freidrichshafen Zeppelin Museum people and is an unusual solid brass with silver plating design. The nib has an appropriate "Z" engraved on it.

Zeppelin Pepsi banks:

We have started a bank collection, as well as a Zeppelin cover collection, for our daughter (16 mos) and we thought that this would be a great Christmas gift.

I have one of the new Spec-Cast Bud blimps (similar to the Pepsi blimp). Well-detailed for a "generic" airship. Order thru the Bud website or aviation museum gift shops, etc. that carry such airplane cast metal banks.

Banks: I have one of the new Spec-Cast Bud blimps (similar to the Pepsi blimp). Well-detailed for a "generic" airship. Order thru the Bud website or aviation museum gift shops, etc. that carry such airplane cast metal banks. I got mine from the Home Shopping Network, of all places. I think it was $25, and I had a $10 off coupon for making my first purchase. I don't know how often they run that item, but it is there!

Zeppelin tin toys:

Old Navy Clothing Co., a division of the Gap, is selling tin toys for US$12 apiece. Among these is a Graf Zeppelin windup toy. It is noted on the box as being "For Collectors Only" and not suitable for children under 9. There is a warning label on the toy itself that says "Warning: for collectors only. Not safe for children."

Unlike most of this company's merchandise, the zeppelin toy does not have any reference on it to "Old Navy". It is not painted, but it has "Graf Zeppelin" stamped on both sides in the tin. It has a small, spring-driven propeller in the front, with two large wheels and a small tin wheel in the rear for balance. The spring drives the wheels as well as the propeller, and it works well on a hard floor. It is about 9 1/2 inches long and 4 inches high.

The other toys are a rocket carousel, an aerodome, a motorcycle with sidecar, and a rocket racer with siren. I suggest you rush out to get them now, because this zep toy will move very quickly at this price.

I also noticed a nice selection of tiny tin Christmas tree ornaments, including a 4 inch long airship in 2 varieties - 1 marked "Graf Zeppelin", and the other - identical, except that it's marked "Zeppelin". There were also little biplanes, trains, streetcars, and fire trucks. Boy howdy, neat stuff!

I didn't find a web site, but there is a phone # - 1-800-OLD-NAVY - I think they do a catalogue.

All of the items mentioned (Graf Zeppelin & Stealth Zeppelin wind-ups, mini Zep and Dornier Flying boat Christmas ornaments) are marketed in this country by Schylling, Inc., Peabody, MA (the wholesaler). The items are available retail at museum gift shops, specialty stores like Old Navy, Christmas stores, etc.

In 1998, I purchased a Zeppelin tin toy at a gift shop on the campus of Stanford University in Palo Alto California for about $8.00. It is about 9 inches long with oversize wheels and a small propeller on the gondola. You wind it up and it races across the floor. The box it came in said it was a remake of an old toy. It is may still made by Schylling because it can be viewed at Unfortunately there is no pricing or ordering information at this site.

Another web site lists the following Schylling product ... 09282 TIN ORNAMENT ZEPPELIN 6.00 but this sounds like a Christmas tree ornament. I have emailed them for a clarification.

At the same gift shop I purchased my most useful airship item - a diecast replica of the Los Angeles that is also manufactured by Schylling. It is 5 inches long and the tail section screws off to reveal a pencil sharpener. I don't know if this item is still available.

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