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Classical Music

Herbert Howells
Rhapsody No. 3, for Organ, in C sharp minor
Supposedly, the English composer wrote this work, in part, during a Zeppelin raid. Can someone verify this?

Arthur Jarvinen
Goldbeater's Skin

Available on the Artifact Music CD ART-007 named "Inside the Dance of Rain". The 9:08 minute recording by 5th Species (a wind quintet) includes five other recordings.

Meyer Kupferman, 1926-

The Last Blue Zeppelin : for French horn and cello (7'49")
  • CD: MK, v11
  • Hastings-on Hudson : General Music, c1973.
  • UCSB Arts Lib M291.K87 L3 Music
  • OCLC: 38598370

Steve Reich & Beryl Korot
Three Tales: Hindenburg, Bikini, Dolly

American Composer Steve Reich and video artist Beryl Korot blend of live performance and video imagery.

Film Scores

Ennio Morricone
The Red Tent

Paramount : lp : PAS 6019
Reissued in CD format: Tenda Rosa (Italy)

HINDENBURG movie poster

David Shire
The Hindenburg

Film Score Monthly CD
MCA : lp : MCA 2090
The Robert Wise motion picture.

David Shire
David Shire at the Movies

Bay Cities : CD
Contains The Hindenburg "Main Title" in its original form, scored for voice and piano.


Zeppelin Musicals
If that link doesn't work, try the the alt site or Google cache.

Pop Music

Come Take a Trip on My Airship
Natalie Merchant
For Our Children Too! (Amazon)

Margaret O'Keefe, soprano; Charles Shadle, piano
MIT (mp3) | Sheet Music

Claudia Schmidt & Sally Rogers
Closing the Distance (Amazon)

Dory Previn
Reflections in a Mud Puddle (1971)

United Artists : lp : AS 5536
Reissued in CD format
Song suite remembering the destruction of the Hindenburg

Sheet Music

Come Take a Trip on My Airship (pdf & mp3)
Song by George Evans and Ren Shields

Here's to the R-100

2 versions of a tribute by Montreal to the crew of the R-100 in 1930.

On the Z-R-3

Words by Sam M. Lewis and Joe Young. Music by Walter Donaldson
Introduced by Al Jolson in Shuberts' Big Boy

The R100

Words and music by Harold Leonard and Glenn Adney
Popular Music Publishers Co. -- Montreal -- 1930?

Up Ship & Away

Fred Waring & his band. WWII tribute to the Naval Airship personnel at Lakehurst.

Were You There When the Hindenburg Went Down

Hardin & Russel.
"End of the Trail Music". (Circa 1979).

The Wreck of the Shenandoah

Words and music by Maggie Andrews
c Shapiro, Berstein & Co., Inc. -- NY

Song Story

Judge Smith
Curly's Airships
" epic work of words and music about the R.101 airship disaster of 1930, written in a new form of narrative rock music called songstory." I have a copy of this and it's really a top-flight production. Well worth the listen!

Curly's Airships -- cd cover


Date: Thu, 6 Feb 1997 06:29:03 -0500 (EST)
From: Russell Aminzade <>

The song is on "Closing the Distance" by Sally Rogers and Claudia Schmidt - Flying Fish Records, 1304 W. Schubert, Chicago, Ill 60614. Check the folk section of your record store, or write Flying Fish. They show the authors as George Evans and Ren Shields (whoever they are), and state that "The Lost World Stringband in East Lansing used to perform this song and it always made me waltz and feel good (the two are synonymous). But it was never long enough because they only knew one verse! Bits and pieces of the song haunted me for years until one day I was driving through Cleveland with Dick Swain, who began spontaneously singing a second verse!"

The song is a waltz with a somewhat strange sound, because Claudia Schmidt uses it to showcase the "pianolin," a strange hybrid of the autoharp and the violin with a kind of scratchy bowed-instrument sound. Here are the lyrics (from memory -- it's too early to play the song, everyone is sleeping here, but I think it's accurate).

Come Take a Trip in my Airship
by George Evans and Ren Shields

I once loved a sailor. Once a sailor loved me.
But he was not a sailor who sailed on the wide blue sea.

He sailed in an airship -- sailed like a bird on the wing
and every Friday at midnight, he would come to my window and sing:


Come take a trip in my airship
Come sail away to the stars
We'll travel to Venus
We'll sail away to Mars

No one will see as we're kissing
No one will know as we swoon
So come take a trip in my airship,
and we'll visit the man in the moon

One night while sailing away from the crowds
we passed through the milky-white way

While idly drifting watching the clouds
he asked if I'd name the day
Just by the dipper I gave him my heart
The sun shone on our honeymoon

We swore to each other we never would part,
and to teach all the babies this tune


We own the copyright to the symphonic poem "zeppelinflug" written in 1976. This summer [2001] we are planing to release an album of new age music on the subject "zeppelin". We also fly ultralights on the island of lanai whenever we get time away from the recording studio. If you are interested in our music, or have contacts to the zeppelin public realations, please let us know.

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