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--- Lighter-Than-Air ---

Airship and Blimp Resources

Several avenues of airship exploration

Airship Association

An international organization located in England

Airship: DJ's Zeppelin Page

Photograph library of the Graf Zeppelin, Hindenburg, Los Angeles, Shenandoah, and Akron 

Airship Hangars at Orly, France

Eugene Freyssinet, architect. Sheldon Berg and Edward Running, Authors

Airship Images


Airship Squadron 3

A slice of LTA history in Airship Squadron 3 (ZP-3) from 1954 to 1956

Airships 1896 - 1913

A good primer.

Airships Archives

A few blimp and hot-air balloon images

Akron (ZRS-4)

A brief textfile history of the USN Akron

Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

Kodak's site for the annual event

American Blimp Company

One of the leading blimp manufacturers, based in Hillsboro, Oregon

Anatomy of a Blimp

Way cool!

Balloon Launch Net

General information about ballooning, including how they fly, how to get a ride, and how to find a flight instructor or equipment dealer.

Ballooning Online

Comprehensive source for ballooning information


All about blimps

Bosch Aerospace

Remote-controlled full-size civilian and military blimps.


CargoLifter AG was formed to design, construct and operate a multi-functional large airship. The airship is being developed to transport very heavy and outsize goods as well as other shipments and people, in an environmentally friendly manner.


A new rigid airship concept.

Death of a Dirigible

John Toland's account of the demise of the USS Shenandoah.

Delft Outlook 94.3

Ancient but safe technology revives supposedly long dead competitor. Environmental legislation may mean airship take-off by Herman Nunnink

Dirigibles, Airships, and Blimps

By R. D. Layman, author of: Naval Aviation in the First World War: Its Impact and Influence. To be jointly published Sep-1996 by Chatham Publishing, London and the Naval Institute Press, Annapolis

Dirigibles: Misundersandig and Myths

An introduction to the wold of airships

Eric's "I rode the Goodyear Blimp" website

The few, the proud, the very, very lucky

Ezekiel Airship Company

A 1901 East Texas airship?

FAA/ATT Library Files

Includes lta pdf files

Fractal Gallery

Trenches on the Web includes WWI Zeppelin images. A fractal viewer id required and access provided.

G. Wright - Airships

Books, videos, drawings, collectables,and an online catalog and order form.

Giant for the Sky

Juan L. Huerta's home page

Goodyear: Aerial Ambassodors

A new, very informative site from the friendly skies of Akron. Goodyear owns and operates the

Goodyear Blimp: Mexico

Goodyear's EAGLE AZTECA is displayed in this informative Spanish-language website

Hexnet Airship Systems

A proposal for a hexafoil-shaped lta vehicle

Hindenburg: An Illustarted History

Time-Warner's very informative site for the Rick Archbold book

Hindenburg Disaster (audio)

Demise of the LZ129 and interviews with survivors, recorded 6 May 1937 (39'04") by Herb Morrison, software on their homepage

Hindenburg Disaster (crash site)

This is where it happened. Roadside America's trivia and some local tourist information.

Hindenburg Disaster (FBI)

FBI investigations of the Lakehurst tragedy. Four pdf files containing 337 pages of documentation.

Hindenburg Disaster (video)

Short clip (2.6MB) of the final seconds of the Hindenburg. Remember, 2/3 of the people on board survived.

Hindenburg Photos

Two photos from a family album.

Hugo Eckener: A History

We have within our area about history of the city ("Stadtgeschichte") 49 photographs with text about Hugo Eckener. Please click there "Bildserie" on the left menu.

Konig Pilsener

Im Rahmen der König Pilsener Luftschiff -- in German with many blimp photos. Operated by Mood Communbications.

L'Hangar e ilSuo Parco / Airship Hangar and its Park

Home to Europe's one reinforced cement airship hangar.

Lighter-Than-Air Society

Homepage for Buoyant Flight, based in Akron, Ohio

Lightship Group

US manufacturer of internally-lit blimps

Metlife Blimp

Evertything you wanted to know about the MetLife Blimp

Mike Walden's Homepage

C.C.S.N. Adaptive Learning Lab & Faculty Resource. Featured on EXN

Mobile Airships

Sells Indoor and Outdoor unmanned radio controlled (r/c) Blimps worldwide.

Moffett Fereal Airfield

A history of the former western home of US airships

Naval Air Station - Richmond

Home of the 25 ships of ZP-21 (Patrol, Airship Squadron 21) and Airship Wing 2

Naval Air Station - Weeksville

Historical home of past and contemporary airships

Naval Airship Association, Inc.

Non-private, non-profit center for U.S. Navy LTA experience

Navy Lakehurst Historical Society

NLHS has pulled together resources and programs to preserve the history of the US international airport.

Nobo Homepage

Norbert Erbe's personal website about the new Zeppelin Museum in Neu-Isenburg-Zeppelinheim

Popular Mechanics

Visit the site and do a keyword search, eg: airship, zeppelin, etc.

Promotion Dirigeables

Marvin's French Airship Association -- in English and French

Promotional Information Group

Advertising RC blimps

RAD NV: Rigid Airship Design

The Netherlands entry into passenger airships

Russian Aeronautial Systems, Ltd

Airships in Russia today

Russian Aeronauts in World War II

Information about Soviet-era airships

Salmon Fishing Woman

Prepare for that first image

Schütte - Lanz

Homepage for the Luftschiffbau Schütte-Lanz

Small Airship Homepage (Japan)

Ogura Tamaki's lighter-than-air site. In Japanese. 19June97 moved?

Soloman Andrews

The first dirigible? Link trouble, they've moved?

Solar-Powered Rigids

Uniques shape and design

Tonder Zeppelin Base

Zeppelin Group Tonder's Museum. Available in English and German

University of Virginia Solar Airship Program

Created to provide education and training to students through the development and construction of airships

Up Ship!

A 30 picture Zeppelin portfolio, bibliography, and related links

USS Airship

The website for U.S. Navy airships.


Indian HTA & LTA lore will really enjoy: The Story of Vimanas -- India's Tradition of Flying Machines

Welcome / Willkomen

Josef Buechelmeier's homepage (Friedrichshafen), scroll down to Neues vom Zeppelin

Worldwide Aeros

The wide world of aerostats


Airships of the Luftschiffbau Zeppelin

Zeppelin Library Archive

A very informative site about Zeppelins past and future
Zeppelin LZ N07 Multimission Airship
The official website of Zeppelin Luftschifftechnik GmbH!

Zeppelins 1898 - 1913

A history of the early Zeppelins.

Zeppelins: Monsters of the Purple Twilight

The role of Zeppelins in World War I




--- Aviation Museums Online ---

National Air & Space Museum (Smithsonian)

Multilayered, fascinating, and informative.

Canadian Museum of Flight

A good place to visit for information about Canadian aircraft.

Cardington Laboratory

Former home of the R100, now a major multi-disciplinary international research centre

European Museum of Balloons & Airships

The Balloon Preservation Groups homepages

R100 in Canada

Written by Dr. Renald Fortier for the National Aviation Museum, Canada

United States Air Force Museum

An information page about the Wright-Patterson AFB facility in Dayton, Ohio. The museum does have a barage balloon and a small model of the LZ1 on display.

--- General Aviation Resources ---

Air & Space Smithsonian Homepage http://www.airspacemag.com

Air & Space Smithsonian Magazine features and website guide

Air Affair

All manner of flying machines and devices.

Aviation Server

FAA, FAR, archives, gophers, etc..

Aviation Databases

Rules, regs, alerts, etc pertaining to aviation.

Aviation Images

A central site for aviation-related photographs.

Aviation Photography

Varied and informative.

Aviation Soaring and Hang Gliding

World-wide links.

Sunrise/Sunset/Twilight and Moonrise/Moonset/Phase

Most interesting!

Weather Information

Global links for-to-date weather information.


--- Related Commercial Items ---


Aerospace Construction Technical Services Ltd

Airship Gallery

A managerie of information and products for airship enthusiasts.

Andrew Hess: Illustration & Animation

Computer graphic design featuring the Graf Zeppelin and Hindenburg.

Boulder Blimp Company

Giant continuous air inflatables used for advertising.

Burton R. Dodge

Painter of blimp exteriors -- really

Inside the Graf Zeppelin

3D reproductions from the National Stereoptic Association.

Luftschiff: Zeppelin Combat

WW1 aerial combat board game for one or two players.

Matrix Media

Animation clip of a zeppelin being escourted through the fog

Microsft Flight Simumlator

Zeppelin freeware add-ons for Fight Simulator.


Paper model airship kits for sale include: Zeppelin NZ, LZ N07, Solarluftschiff, LOTTE, GRAF ZEPPELIN, LOS ANGELES

Valhalla Aerostation

Buyers and sellers of all materials pertaining to LTA flight.

Zebedee List

A comprehensive list of secondhand items for sale for balloonists.

Zeppelin: Die Geschichte der Luftschiffahr

Eine multimediale Zeitreise durch Vergangenheit, Gegenwart und Zukunft führt von den ersten Konstruktionen und Prototypen bis zum Zeppelin NT der Neuzeit und bietet alles Interessante, Wissenswerte und Vergnügliche über die Luftschiffahrt.

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