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James Horner is a composer of film scores. He wrote the music to Star Trek II, Brainstorm, Krull, Glory, Sneakers, Field of Dreams, Braveheart, and THE ROCKETEER. He went on to score Spitfire Grill, Titanic, Zorro, etc. The score he wrote for THE ROCKETEER is one of his best.

Composer James Horner on scoring 'The Rocketeer' in 1991 interview
Short video posted on YouTube.

James Horner (IMDB)
Internet Movie Database information.

James Horner (Soundtrack.Net)
Composer information and filmography.

Trivia: Space Shuttle Endeavour used music from The Rocketeer film score as a wakeup call on Flight Day 11. The NASA site used to carry a sound clip, now deleted.

Bernard Herrmann
One of THE finest composers ever. He had nothing to do with the Rocketeer. I just felt the need to post the link.

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