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ROCKETEER advance movie poster

Rocketeer blu-ray coverFinally. On Blu-ray! The image and sound quality have never been better on your home screen!

Yes, there is room for improvement. For this special 20th anniversary edition, Disney spared no expense to add a plethora of special features but rather ported over what precious little they had on the DVD release which is to say, thanks for the SD 4:3 trailer.

It would be great if they would add a commentary track from the director Joe Johnston, creator Dave Stevens, and the principal actors; documentaries and behind-the-scenes feauturettes such as the 1991 TV promo. Adding in the deleted scenes would make for a fabulous "Director's Cut", full-blown, Vista Series Special Edition! Please. Thank you.

And read the definitive review at

Disney did release the film on DVD. My guess is they used the Laser Disc master. Not enhanced for 16:9. Very good audio. A 4:3 trailer.

Rocketeer blu-ray coverLaser Disc (OOP)
AS The Rocketeer
1992, Walt Disney Home Video UPC: 17951-2390-6
Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1 Format: CLV

CS The Rocketeer (2 LD set)
1992, Walt Disney Home Video UPC: 17951-2391-6
Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1 Format: CAV

As are most titles in this format, the image is pan & scan. Lo-res.

Rocketeer: Excitement in the Air
1991 TV special documentary

Retrospective / Review - The Rocketeer (1991) in HD
A look back after the Blu-ray release

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