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There a few books by, and a plethora of books about, Lawrence. Below are a few select titles to get you started.

By Lawrence

Seven Pillars of Wisdom : A Triumph by T. E. Lawrence
Oxford : Printed for the author by the Oxford Times, 1922
London : Printed by M. Pike with the assistance of H.J. Hodgson, 1926

Seven Pillars of Wisdom, The Complete 1922 Text  
Castle Hill Press: Fine-press editions of writing by T. E. Lawrence

Seven Pillars of Wisdom > etext

Abridged as: Revolt in the Desert. Lawrence did not like the abridgement which he did as a monetary expedient. When he was able to, he terminated British publication.

The Mint by A/c Ross [pseud.]
London : J. Cape, 1935

Lawrence wanted to write something really good. Published posthumously.

- : -

Crusader Castles
London : Golden Cockerel Press, 1936
London : Oxford University Press, Revised edition 1989 -- ISBN: 019822964X

Author's thesis originally submitted in 1910 at Jesus College, Oxford under title: The influence of the Crusades on European military architecture to the end of the twelfth century.

The Diary of T.E. Lawrence MCMXI
[London] : Corvinus Press, 1937

"This diary was kept while the author was journeying through northern Syria during 1911."

Also published as:
The Diary Kept by T. E. Lawrence While Travelling in Arabia During 1911
Garnet Pub Ltd, 1997 -- ISBN: 1873938241

The Home Letters of T.E. Lawrence and His Brothers
New York, Macmillan, 1954

Lawrence of Arabia, Strange Man of Letters: The Literary Criticism and Correspondence of T. E. Lawrence
(Harold Orlans, editor)
Rutherford : Fairleigh Dickinson University Press ; London ; Cranbury, NJ : Associated University Presses, c1993 -- ISBN: 0838635083

Secret Despatches from Arabia: And Other Writings
Bellew, 1991 -- ISBN: 0947792597

T. E. Lawrence: The Selected Letters
Norton, 1989 -- ISBN: 0393026841
Marlowe & Co, Reprint edition 1994

Translations by Lawrence

The Odyssey of Homer
translated by T. E. Shaw [pseud.]
London : E. Walker, W. Merton, B. Rogers, 1932

Gigantesque by Adrien Le Corbeau
translated by J. H. Ross [pseud.]: Forest Giant
London : J. Cape, 1935

About Lawrence

Jeremy Wilson
Lawrence of Arabia: The Authorized Biography of T.E. Lawrence
New York : Atheneum, 1990, c1989 -- ISBN: 0689119348

THE biography. Formidible, detailed research. A must.

Malcolm Brown
T.E. Lawrence (Historic Lives)
New York University Press, 2003 -- ISBN: 0814799205

Robert Graves
Lawrence and the Arabs
London, J. Cape [1927] -- OCLC: 394660

A. W. Lawrence (editor)
T. E. Lawrence by His Friends
London, Jonathan Cape; Garden City NY, Doubleday, Doran, 1937

Basil Henry Liddell Hart
Lawrence of Arabia

Also published as: 'T. E. Lawrence' in Arabia and After

Also published as: Colonel Lawrence, the man behind the legend
London : J. Cape, [1935] -- OCLC: 1477384

Paul Marriott and Yvonne Argent
The Last Days of T.E. Lawrence : A Leaf in the Wind
Brighton, [Eng.] ; Portland, Ore. : Alpha Press, 1996 -- ISBN

From his last months in the RAF to his death, inquest and funeral. Photos, graphs, maps. Thoroughly researched.

Lowell Thomas
With Lawrence in Arabia
New York ; London : Century Co., 1924 -- LCCN: 24-22807

Also published as:
With Lawrence in Arabia: Lost Treasures
London : Prion, New edition 1992 -- ISBN: 1853755001

First book written about Lawrence. Thomas' lectures about Lawrence -- using magic latern slides and newsreel clips -- were extremely popular.

About Lean's Lawrence film

Steven C. Caton
Lawrence of Arabia: A Film's Anthropology
Berkeley : University of California Press, 1999 -- ISBN: 0520210824

L. Robert Morris and Lawrence Raskin
Lawrence of Arabia: the 30th anniversary pictorial history
New York : Doubleday, 1992 -- ISBN: 0385424787

Adrian Turner
The Making of David Lean's "Lawrence of Arabia"
Limpsfield, Surrey, Great Britain : Dragon's World, 1994 -- ISBN: 1850282110

Other Lawrence films

Andrew Kelly, Jeffrey Richards, James Pepper
Filming T.E. Lawrence: Korda's Lost Epics
London ; New York : I.B. Tauris Publishers, 1997 -- ISBN: 1860640486

Korda has contacted Lawrence regarding a potential film. Lawrence declined saying not till after he died, if then.

Terence Rattigan
Ross, a dramatic portrait
London, H. Hamilton [1960] ; New York : Random House, 1960

Also published as:
Ross : a play in two acts
London : S. French, 1960 -- ISBN: 0573040060

Filmed as:
Ross: The Reticent Hero
BBC, 1970

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