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The T. E. Lawrence Society's Symposia
St. John's College, Oxford, England

There are some very good websites scattered about the internet. Below is a selection of those I have found to be interesting and/or informative. I highly recommend repeated visits to Jeremy Wilson's exemplary websites.

Brough's Books

A listing of and links to things TEL

Catherine Azhari

    A novel set in Lawrence's time. "The Decline of Day brings to life a historically rich and thorough perspective and provides a broadened in-depth tapestry of human and political relations in what we knew as Arabia at the time of Lawrence of Arabia."

The Importance of T. E. Lawrence

An essay by David Fromkin, New Criterion.

Jeremy Wilson

Lawrence of Arabia

This was a viable online TE Lawrence Community that included a message board. At this writing, perhaps a ULR placeholder.

Lawrence of Arabia (PBS)

Program related material.

Looking for Lawrence of Arabia in Japan

A Japanese perspective of TEL

Lowell Thomas and Lawrence of Arabia: Making a Legend, Creating History

An extensive discussion including differing viewpoints of Lawrence. Also offers a biographical section on Lowell Thomas, the American journalist who brought Lawrence to international attention.

The Society for T. E. Lawrence Studies

THE society for in-depth research.

T E Lawrence and The Book

Seven Pillars of Wisdom 1926-1996.

The T.E. Lawrence Society


T. E. Lawrence, Writings

Personal Notes on the Sherifial Family
The Arab Bulletin, 26 November 1916

27 Articles of T. E. Lawrence
The Arab Bulletin, 20 August 1917

A Report on Mesopotamia
The Sunday Times, 22 August 1920

TE Lives

A fan website. Forgive the stars and background music. Interesting photos of TEL's tomb and Clouds Hill.

Thomas Edward Lawrence, Lawrence of Arabia (1888 - 1935)

A part of the BBC Historic Figures biographical series.


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