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It is not my intent to make this an exhaustive list but rather to point out a few good books of interest. Most of these titles are out-of-print. Your local library may own a copy or can order one for you via interlibrary loan. Ask a librarian for details.

Rick Archbold: The Hindenburg: An Illustrated History

New York : Madison Press/Warner, 1994 -- ISBN: 0446517844

Guillaume De Syon: Zeppelin!: Germany and the Airship, 1900-1939

Baltimore : Johns Hopkins University Press, 2002 -- ISBN: 0801867347

H. G. Dick and D. H. Robinson: The Golden Age of the Great Passenger Airships

Washington, D.C. : Smithsonian Institution Press, c1985 -- ISBN: 0874743648.

Authoratative. The authors eye-witness accounts.

Ludwig Durr: Funfundzwanzig Jahre Zeppelin-Luftschiffbau

Berlin -- 1924.

Ludwig Durr: Die Grossen Zeppeline : die Geschichte des Luftschiffbaus

Düsseldorf : VDI Verlag, 1985 -- ISBN: 3184006875

Hugo Eckener: My Zeppelins (Im Zeppelin unber Lander und Meer)

Translated from the German by Douglas Robinson, with a technical chapter by Knut Eckener.

London : Putnam, 1958
New York : Arno, 1980 -- ISBN: 0405121628

Authoritative. Written by the man who helped build and actually flew the classic Zeppelins.

Rolf Italiaander: Hugo Eckener: die Weltschau eines Luftschiffers

Husum : Husum Druck- und Verlagsgesellschaft, 1980 -- ISBN: 3880421102

Margaret Goldsmith: Zeppelin: A Biography

New York : William Morrow & Company, 1931

Thomas Ewart Guttery: Zeppelin: An Illustrated Life of Count Ferdinand Von Zeppelin, 1838-1917

Aylesbury : Shire Publications, 1973 -- ISBN: 085263210X

Henry Cord Meyer: Airshipmen, Businessmen, and Politics, 1890-1940

Washington, D.C. : Smithsonian Institution Press, 1991

A fascinatinating scholarly insight to the makers and shakers behind the airships.

Thor Nielsen: The Zeppelin Story: The Life of Hugo Eckener (Eckener, ein Leben fur den Zeppelin)

Translated from the German by Peter Chambers, with a forword by Philip Gibbs.
London : Wingate, 1955

Lee Payne: Zeppelin! The Story of of Count Ferdinand Von Zeppelin

Published in v.5, n.2 of The Aviation Quarterly
Plano, TX : Airtrails, 1979

D. H. Robinson: The Zeppelin in Combat: A History of the German Naval Airship Division, 1912-1918

2nd ed, Atglen, PA : Schiffer Military/Aviation History, c1994 -- ISBN: 088740510X

Authoratative. In-depth research.

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