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The Hindenburg
(The History Channel, 1996)

"Here is the complete story of the world's largest airship, from the struggles of its legendary creator, Ferdinand Zeppelin, to the theory that a terrorist bomb caused its destruction. Featuring extraordinary interviews with survivors, historians and eyewitnesses, THE HINDENBURG includes a minute-by-minute account of the deadly catastrophe and the crucial events that led up to it. You'll also see haunting footage of the opulent craft and its first class passengers as they embark upon the final voyage, and hear the complete radio broadcast by Herb Morrison that informed the world of the calamity as it happened."

Classroom study guide.

VHS: 1-800-423-1212. Item Number: AAE-40015.

Revealed ... The Hindenburg Mystery (Five/Moondance Films, 2002)

"Investigates the most famous air accident in history with an international team of experts using the latest scientific methods to re-examine evidence that has survived."

Around the World by Zeppelin (BBC)

Mostly fabulous film imagery "based" on Lady Drummond Hays writings with some psedo-romance thrown in for flavor, I guess. You Tube

Vidicom's Giants of the Sky Series

The Golden Age of Airships
(Vidicom, 1997)

"Focuses on the fascinating past of Zeppelins: The 'crazy count' Zeppelin and his disastrous first experiments nearly 100 years ago. The rise of Zeppelins to awe-inspiring technological symbols, travelling the world. Then, the sudden and dramatic end of their golden era in the infernal flames of the Lakehurst catastrophe 1937."

The Hindenburg Disaster: What Happened at Lakehurst?
(Vidicom, 1997)

"With spectacular historic footage, the moving stories of eye witnesses, and elaborately colorized sequences of authentic black-and-white material, and recent research, this documentary reveals a truth that has been covered up for many years: The 'infallible' German engineers had designed a flying bomb just waiting to explode."

Return of the Zeppelin
(Vidicom, 1997)

"60 years after the 'Hindenburg' disaster in Lakehurst, the next generation of dirigible airships is ready for take-off. Let us take you aboard! Experience, in 54 exciting minutes, the most distinguished way of travelling the skies."

Zuruck zum Zeppelin & Das Luftschiff-spektakel
(Format NZZ, 1996)

Swiss television special presentations.

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