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How can I book a Zeppelin ride?

Detailed booking information may be found on the Deutsche Zeppelin-Reederei (DZR) website. Tell them I sent you. They'll looked puzzled :)

How can I become a Zeppelin pilot?

Contact the DZR. This quote is from their website: "A further important field of responsibility is training for airship pilots. The proposed length of this supplementary pilot training and education 24 months according to German air traffic law. Theory, practical training and examination all take place at the DZR in Friedrichshafen."

What is the Zeppelin NT hull made of?

The Zeppelin NT hull is made of a 3 layer laminate:
  • Tedlar (PVF) layer, which acts as a gas seal .
  • Polyester mesh layer, which strengthens the hull.
  • Heat-sealable Polyurethane layer, which enables joining of the individual hull strips.

What is the frame made of?

A triangular carbon-fibre frames and three aluminium longerons braced by aramide cables. And, here's a close-up view.

How far and how fast and what size and ... ?

The ZNT fact page.

How does the ZNT fly?

The lifting (lighter-than-air) gas is helium. The ZNT flies dynamically. Initially, with a full load, it is 300 Kg heavier-than-air. This design allows for much easier starting and landing manoevers than the Zeppelins of the early 20th century. As the NT flies and most of its fuel is expended, the ship can become lighter than air.

The four engines are fully vectorable -- they can be rotated to propel the ship in any direction the pilot chooses: up, down, sideways. This reduces the numbers of ground crew needed to handle the ship.

Detailed information about flying a blimp may be found on the Goodyear Blimp website. And yes, it's not Zeppelin, but the principles are the same.

Be aware of the three types of LTAs. The Zeppelin NT is a semirigid.

Where is the Zeppelin Museum?

In beautiful Friedrichshafen, Germany! http://www.zeppelin-museum.de/

What was the surface area of the Hindenburg?

LZ 129 outer cover area: 27,299 square meters 12 (almost six and three-quarters acres), according to an L-Z blueprint -- and, coincidentally, quoted in the article "The Hindenburg at Sixty, Part 2: Did A Hydrogen Explosion Destroy the Hindenburg" by Richard Van Treuren and Addison Bain, appearing in the May-June 1997 bulletin of The LTA Society, Buoyant Flight.

Who is the oldest living Zeppelin pilot?

As of July 2002, Dominique Maniere is currently the oldest living Zeppelin pilot.

Does Zeppelin have an faq?

Yes! Two faqs: Zeppelin NT and DZR.
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