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Zeppelinheim Museum (near the airport): I've never been there but hear that it's very good!

Friedricshafen (FN):

The new Zeppelin Museum. An absolute MUST. Also visit the sight of the old Zeppelin works. Not much to see but a lot of factories. Nevertheless a good opportunity to have your picture taken next to a sign pointing the way to "Luftschiffbau Zeppelin GmbH."

FN Messe Halle 10. Peek through the windows and see the LZN07 im bau.

Meersburg (about 15 miles west of FN):

The Meersburg Zeppelin Museum. The personal collection of Herr Heinz Urban, very impressive. Although much smaller than the FN museum, it has a quaint and comfortable atmosphere about it. It is nevertheless filled with stuff that turns the FN museum staff green with envy. Say hi to Monica when you visit. She will be very happy to speak German at you.


The Deutsche Museum in Munich: I've not been here either, but it's apparently the "German Smithsonian." Several days required to fully explore this one. Supposedly has a very good airship display. WARNING: Do NOT look at the Glockenspiel in the Marianplatz! This act will immediately peg you as an American tourist. The Haxenbauer has better food the the Hofbrauhause. All Munich beers are the same (my opinion only.)


The Hotel Insel. This expensive four star hotel is a converted Catholic convent and just happens to be the same building in which a certain Graf Ferdinand von Zeppelin was born. I had been staying in this hotel for several days back in 1988 before I discovered this interesting fact. You can relax with a good cognac and a fine Havana in the hotel's "Zeppelin Bar." Tastefully decorated and brimming with Zeppelinish atmosphere. (15 minute ferry ride from Meersburg - will require a taxi from the Konstanz ferry terminal.)

Meckenbeuren (about five miles north of FN):

Gasthaus Lehlehof: Best Zwiebel Rostbraten in the Bodenseekreis, good Tettnang Beer available too.


A suburb of Frankfurt just east of the airport- It was established as a "company town" for the Zeppelin workers in Frankfurt, and they have a small but nice museum in the town hall. When I visited in the mid 80's there were still Zep veterans volunteering there as staff - one in particular sticks in mind as he (Adolf Fischer) was an engineman on the Hindenburg when it crashed.

Good luck, happy trails, and bon apetite!

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