Courses Taught
Speaking Engagements

Doctoral Research Seminar
(EDUC 8004)

Fall semester, 2003
Wednesdays, 9 to 11:30 am

Introduces new doctoral students to the field of educational research as practiced at CU-Boulder. This year (Fall, 2003) we will focus on recent national reports about the state of educational research in this country and hear from members of our faculty who have participated in writing, reviewing, or critiquing these reports.


Anthropology and Education
(EDUC 6325)

Fall semester, 2002
Thursdays, 4 to 6:30 pm

Applies anthropological perspectives to research in educational settings. Focuses on theories of culture, cultural transmission and acquisition, and cultural reproduction and production for understanding schooling and its outcomes.


Ethnographic Methods in Educational Research (EDUC 7346)
Spring semester

Explores the history of ethnography in cultural anthropology and its translation into educational research. Students learn about and practice participant observation, interviewing, journal writing, artifact searches, strategies for qualitative analysis and interpretation, and styles of reporting.


Introduction to Disciplined Inquiry (EDUC 5726)
Fall semester

Considers various research approaches and methodologies including experimental and quasi-experimental methods; anthropological and case study methods; evaluative research and field studies; correlational and ex post facto research; and sociological, historical, and philosophical research. Topics include information retrieval and library research, the role of the computer, research criticism, and proposal writing.


Gender, Culture, and Schooling (EDUC 8804)

Seminar that explores gender-related issues in K-16 education, particularly in the U.S. Special attention will be given to the cultural and social processes by which gender differences and gendered experiences are organized, negotiated, and mediated in and around schools.