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Biographical Sketch, Joe Falke

Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Director, Molecular Biophysics Program
University of Colorado
Boulder, CO 80309-0596
Tel: 303-817-9814
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Joe Falke

Earlham College   Richmond, IN   BA   Chemistry   1978
California Institute of Technology   Pasadena, CA   PhD   Chemistry   1984
University of California, Berkeley   Berkeley, CA   PostD   Biochemistry   1984-1987

Professional Experience:
Harvard University, Department of Biological Chemistry:
  1977   Research Assistant (Professor David Bing)

California Institute of Technology, Department of Chemistry:
  1979 - 1984   Doctoral Thesis Research (Professor Sunney Chan)
  1982 - 1984   Staff Spectroscopist, Caltech Chemical NMR Facility

University of California, Berkeley, Department of Biochemistry:
  1985 - 1987   NIH Postdoctoral Fellow (Professor Daniel Koshland, Jr.)
  1986 - 1987   Manager and Spectroscopist, UCB Biochemical Fluorescence Facility

University of Colorado, Boulder, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry:
  1987 - 1994   Assistant Professor
  1994 -   Associate Professor
 1999- Full Professor
  1999 -   Director, Interdepartmental Molecular Biophysics Program

Selected Honors, Awards, Seminars and Service:
 1974 - 1978 National Merit Scholar
 1978 Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society
 1979 - 1982 National Science Foundation Predoctoral Fellow
 1984 McKoy Award for Outstanding Caltech Ph.D. Thesis in Chemistry
 1985 - 1987 National Institutes of Health Postdoctoral Fellow
 1996 -  Member, Board of Directors, BLAST, Inc.
 1997 - 2003 Editorial Advisory Board, Protein Science
 1997 -  Editorial Advisory Board, Journal of General Physiology
 1997 -  Ad Hoc Member, BBCB and Physical Biochemistry NIH Study Sections
 1997  Chair, International Conf on Prokaryotic Signal Transduction, Cuernavaca
 1998 - 2001 Member, Advisory Council of the Biophysical Society
 1999 Chair, Calcium Signaling Symposium, Biophysical Society Annual Meeting
 1999 Session Chair, International Symposium on Calcium Binding, Kisarazu
 1999 Session Chair, International Conference on Phospholipase A2, Berlin
 2000 - 2002 Executive Board of the Biophysical Society
 2001 Chair, Receptor Symposium, Keystone Conference on Membrane Proteins
 2001 Conference Chair, 2001 Biophysical Society Annual Meeting, Boston
 2002  Symposium Chair, FASEB Meeting on Membrane Biophysics, Vermont
 2003 Conference Chair, Keystone Meeting on Membrane Proteins, Taos
 2003 George A. Feigen Memorial Lecturer, Stanford University
 2003 - 2007 Member, NIH Study Sections: Biophysical Chemistry; Biochemistry & Biophysics of Membranes
 2006 Conference Co-Chair, Annual Meeting of Soc. of Gen. Physiologists
 2007 - 2008 President, Biophysical Society
 2010  Symposium Chair, New Horizons in Calcium Signaling, Bejing Univ. PRC
 2010 Symposium Chair, Annual Meeting of Biophysical Society, San Francisco
  2012   Conference Chair, Receptor Fest, Univ Colorado Boulder
  2013-   Member, NIH T32 Study Section TWD-B
  2014-   Member, Editorial Board - Biophysical Journal
  2015   Invited Talks include: Aspen Single Molecule Biology Conference, ReceptorFest Conference, Telluride Membrane Meeting, U Illinois Urbana-Champaign
  2015   Inducted as Fellow of the Biophysical Society, Class of 2015
  2016   Invited Talks include: Cornell U Biophysics, FASEB Snowmass Conference on Membrane Biophysics
  2017   Invited Talks include: Santa Fe Membrane Biophysics Meeting, U Wyoming, U Colorado at Denver
  2018   Invited Talks include: FASEB Steamboat Lipid Signaling Meeting, Relay Therapeutics Inc. Biophysics Division
  2018   College Scholar Award, University of Colorado at Boulder
  2018   Invited Reviewer for Excellence Strategy, German Research Foundation
  Since 1995   Member Editorial Boards: Protein Society, J Gen Physiol, Biophys J (current)
  Since 1995   Over 100 Invited Seminars and Conference Presentations including: California Institute of Technology, UC Berkeley, Stanford University, Harvard University, Univ. Chicago, Univ. Pennsylvania, Univ. Illinois, UC Irvine, Univ. Utah, National Institutes of Health, Cambridge Univ., Oxford Univ., Babraham Inst., Univ. Stockholm, Carlesburg Laboratory Copenhagen, Univ. Milan, Univ. Florence, Univ. Perugia, Univ. Padova, Univ. Siena, Academia Sinica Taiwan, Univ. Nagoya, Univ. Osaka, Biophysical Society, Gordon Conferences, Protein Society, FASEB Conferences, American Chemical Society, American Society of Microbiologists

Professional Organizations:
 Biophysical Society
 American Chemical Society
 Sigma Xi Scientific Research Society
 Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society
 Protein Society