The Falke Lab
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Previous Lab Members

(Partial List - If you are a previous member and would like to be listed please send contact information to Joe)

Group photo

Dr. Randy Bass

  • Present location: Director of Process Development and Protein Expression, Amgen, Seattle, WA
  • E-mail:

Professor Joshua Bornhorst, PhD

Dr. Scott Butler

Dr. Steve Chervitz

Ted Chen

Group photo 1999

Dr. Matthew Coleman, M.D.

Dr. John Corbin (Postdoc)

Dr. Steve Drake

Professor Jeff Knight, PhD (Postdoc)

  • Present location: Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Colorado, Denver
  • Knight Lab
  • E-mail: Jefferson Knight


Group photo 1998

Dr. Susy Kohout

Dr. Kyle Landgraf

Dr. Keith Lee, M.D.

Professor Linda Luck, PhD (Postdoc)

Group photo - 1997

Travis Madsen

Professor Nate Malmberg, PhD

Dr. Aaron S. Miller

Dr. Eric Nalefski (Postdoc)

Professor Olve Peersen, PhD (Postdoc)

Group photo 1996

Dr. Eric Snyder

Diane Starrett

Nicole Stricker

Dr. Matt Trammel

Group photo

Dr. Mark Wisner

Noah White

Mike Zimmer

Group photo