Figure 9

Chemical scan of aspartate receptor revealing positions on surface critical for kinase regulation. Positions indicated in black, red and green were scanned in both the periplasmic and cytoplasmic domains. The protein interactions by cysteine modification (PICM) approach revealed positions at which fluorescein-5-maleimide (F5M) coupling superactivates (green F5M CPK) or destroys (red F5M CPK) kinase activation. The approach reveals two symmetric, linear docking surfaces on the homodimer near its extreme cytoplasmic end. Note that the faces disappear when the receptor is rotated 90 deg about its long axis. One symmetric face is proposed to stabilize the assembly of a receptor trimer-of-dimers (reviewed in Falke, 2002); the other is proposed to dock to the cytoplasmic CheA kinase and CheW coupling protein (Mehan, White & Falke, in preparation, 2002).

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