Above: View of the Flatirons from our building. Photo by Dan Mitchell.

Tectonics, Thermochronology & Geochronology


Department of Geological Sciences

University of Colorado, Boulder


We focus on a variety of problems in continental tectonics, landscape evolution, and mantle dynamics, using a combination of geo- and thermochronology, field observation, and petrological tools. We are particularly interested in how deeper crustal and mantle processes are linked with uplift and unroofing histories at the surface of the Earth. In our (U-Th)/He geochronology lab we also focus on developing, testing, and refining He thermochronometers with which to better decipher thermal histories and thereby address new problems.

(U-Th)/He Labhttp://www.colorado.edu/GeolSci/thermochronology/CU_Thermochronology/Home.htmlhttp://www.colorado.edu/GeolSci/thermochronology/CU_Thermochronology/Home.htmlshapeimage_6_link_0