William (Ned) Friedman


Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

University of Colorado


Botany at Colorado - Undergraduate Study

Undergraduate students interested in plant sciences should elect courses with a view toward achieving competence in a variety of areas, and depth in a subset of more narrowly defined fields. Coursework in plant biology will provide a basis for continued intellectual growth after college. These courses are designed to serve as the foundations for graduate school, a career in biology teaching, and careers in environmental biology that require breadth of knowledge of plants. Upper level courses are also designed to develop the critical skills of analysis and writing that are integral to the culmination of an undergraduate degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology with an emphasis in plant biology.

Courses with a Focus on Plants

EBIO 2590 Plants and Society

EBIO 4500 Plant Biodiversity and Evolution

EBIO 4510 Plant Anatomy and Development

EBIO 4520 Plant Systematics

EBIO 4530 Functional Plant Biology

EBIO 4140 Plant Ecology

Courses with a strong component relevant to the Plant Sciences

EBIO 3110 Population and Community Ecology

EBIO 3040 Conservation Biology

EBIO 3180 Global Ecology

EBIO 3270 Ecosystem Ecology

EBIO 4060 Landscape Ecology

EBIO 4160 Introduction to Biogeochemistry

EBIO 4175 The Scientific Basis for Ecosystem Management of Public Lands

EBIO 4180 Ecological Perspectives on Global Change

Recent relevant Critical Thinking courses (EBIO 4800)

Discovering Climate Change

Genetically Engineered Plants

Land Use and Sustainability

Landscape Ecology

Novel Ecosystems

Plant Ecology, Evolution, and Development

Public Lands Management

Soil Ecology

Botany at Colorado - Graduate Study

Potential graduate students interested in plant sciences should directly contact faculty members who might serve as advisors.

EBIO faculty with expertise in the plant sciences

William Adams - Plant ecophysiology; photosynthesis; environmental stress; phloem structure & function

Nichole Barger - Impacts of changing climate and land use on plant communities and soil resources in arid land ecosystems; biogeochemistry, dendrochronology, forest ecology

Deane Bowers - Insect ecology and evolution, plant-animal interactions, chemical ecology

William Bowman - Plant ecology; alpine ecosystem science; plant-soil and plant-plant interactions

Sharon Collinge - Habitat loss & fragmentation; patterns of landscape change; restoration ecology

Kendi Davies - Spatial dynamics of communities and populations; invasion; extinction; grasslands; microcosms; habitat fragmentation

Barbara Demmig-Adams - Plant ecophysiology; photosynthesis; mechanisms of plant stress adaptation; roles of plant antioxidants and phytonutrients in human health

Pamela Diggle - Development, evolution, and ecology of plant reproductive systems

William Friedman - Developmental evolution of plants; plant reproductive biology; history of evolutionism before Darwin

Stephanie Mayer - Plant systematics and evolution

Jeffry Mitton - Population genetics, genetic structure of plant and animal populations, adaptive significance of heterozygosity, evolutionary conservation genetics of plants and animals

Russell Monson - Plant physiological ecology; forest-atmosphere carbon, water and energy fluxes; regional carbon cycling; influence of ecosystem processes on atmospheric chemistry

Steve Schmidt - Microbial ecology, plant/microbe interactions, biogeochemistry, mycorrhizae

Timothy Seastedt - Terrestrial ecosystems; soil biology; ecology of invasive plant species

Alan Townsend - Terrestrial ecosystem ecology and biogeochemistry; global environmental change

Carol Wessman - Landscape & regional ecology; disturbance; land-use/land-cover change; remote sensing/GIS

All of the plant images on this web page were created by students enrolled in Plant Biodiversity and Evolution (EBIO 4500)