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Recent News

·       NARST 2013: Challenges in Developing Classroom Assessments Linked to Multidimensional Learning Progressions

·       AERA 2012: Conversations about Common Formative Assessment: Analysis of a Teacher Learning Community

·       NARST 2012: Item Context: How Organisms Used to Frame Natural Selection Items Influence Student Response Choices

·       New chapters published in:

o   The Journey from Child to Scientist: Integrating Cognitive Development and the Education Sciences

o   Learning Progressions in Science: Current Challenges and Future Directions

·       Call for Submissions: Essays on the Pre-Tenure Experience, Abstracts due April 15, 2012

·       AERA 2011: "Flying Blind": An Exploration of Beginning Science Teachers' Enactment of Formative Assessment Practices

·       NARST 2011: A Conceptual Analysis of the Conceptual Inventory of Natural Selection: Improving diagnostic utility through within item analysis

·       July 2010: New research project funded by National Science Foundation: CAREER: Educative Learning Progressions as Tools for Teacher Development

·       Educational Assessment Special Issue: Evidence-Based Reasoning in School Science

·       Modern Biology Goes to School: Symposium at ETH Zurich

·       AERA 2010: Linking an Educative Learning Progression for Natural Selection to Teacher Practice: Results of an Exploratory Study


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School of Education, UCB 249

Boulder, CO 80309

303.492.4242 - 303.492.7090 (fax)


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