Homework #1 - "The Incoherence of Common Cultural Relativism"

Due Thursday, February 20

On pp. 27-28, Rachels lays out six theses of Cultural Relativism.  Call the collection of these six theses “Common Cultural Relativism.”  As it turns out, Common Cultural Relativism is internally inconsistent—something said in one of the theses contradicts something said in another.  Write up a very short paper (one page or less) in which you explain how Common Cultural Relativism is inconsistent.

Focus on expressing yourself as clearly as possible.  I encourage you to email me a rough draft of your paper.  Just be sure to get it to me far enough in advance for me to be able to give you feedback on it.

Your answer must be type-written and printed out.  Except in unusual circumstances, please don't email me your homework.