Wednesday is our last day of class. We will have our usual pre-exam
review session. I have already taken the liberty of assigning your
group a question on the study guide. Here are the groups:

A: Karen, Deb, Karen, Jess
B: Matt, Joe, Kelley, Kristy
C: Mercedes, Katie, Molly, Michelle
D: Nikki, Elaina, Holly, Suzannah
E: Kin, Peter, Naomi, Missy
F: Spencer, Ken, Ken, Amy
G: Laura, Laura, Valerie, Morgan

The study guide has seven questions. Let's answer them in order, and
assign groups in reverse order, as follows:

Group G: #1
Group F: #2
Group E: #3
Group D: #4
Group C: #5
Group B: #6
Group A: #7

Good luck!